Twisted Reality

4년 전

Everyone who know me would with ease attest how good i am in what i do
Am just a teacher
This should have been my address my profession
But in reality it is twisted
Am more of the learner in the place am supposed to teach
Its sound absurd right!
But that is the simple twisted reality
I teach in a high school
A special need centre
And every moment am not with those kids
I feel like a butterfly that has lost her wings
I some times would even feel a fish in a dry ocean
I missed every moment am not at the centre
Someone would think am there teaching
But the truth is
The students are the ones teaching me
Am awed at how some of them without eyes
Yet they are see beyond what sighted person can see
Like separating shaft from the seed with dexterity
Their set of gifted skill i'm awed

Very sensitive at every moment
Would even hear the sound of the door bell before it rings
Recognise who is walking by the step rhythm
Their physical limitations not withstanding
The blind has teach me how too see with my mind eye
The deaf teach me how to listen more
And as well how to talk less
Am just supposed to be a teacher
But by coexistence i have become a life time learner
I have learnt to be instinctive
And above all value the gift of life
You never know how valuable some things are till you lose it.

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