Oscar & Cesar


Oscar & Cesar

I'm so excited and proud to say that on January 9th our twin boys were born. They're so cute and beautiful. :D


So much love 😍

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CONGRATULATIONS, SANDER ! They are absolutely beautiful omg ! I love their peaceful sleeping faces so much <3 Really wonderful names, too <3

Awesome, awesome way to start the year of 2020 <3 Wishing you and yours a great year ahead and beyond <3 <3 <3

Congrats again ! AMAZING NEWS thank you for sharing it with us, and for the beautiful photos, too <33333333333


Thank you so much @veryspider! They are so adorable and have the greatest expressions :)

Already have a thousand photos of them 😁

TWO! Wow! Congrats Sander!

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Thank you it's amazing 😁


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Congrats! Keep on rockin with the tuckin


Hahaha thank you very much! 😃

Awww congratulations!😍


Thank you very much 😃

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Congratulations, mate!!


Aaaaahhhhhh look at those little bundles how cute are they?! How many hours have you spent staring at them? (or maybe that was just me with all of my babies XD)

Congratulations! Hope everyone is recovering fine :D


Lots of hours and already made hundreds of photos :)


Taking millions of photos is way too easy to do, they're so cute XD

Oh how extremely cute, congratiulations for you all.


Thank you :)

Hurray hurray! Awesome! I welcome another twin into the world. There can't be enough of them ( says half of a twin ) They look extremely cute and I'm happy for you and your girlfriend

I wish the four of you an amazing future for of good stuff :>)


Thank you Vincent! :)