Hypotiroidism and how lucky I am to be sick

3년 전

Hi people from the globe.

This is the current situation
hospital bed.jpg

I have been sick too often during the last year.
I thought it was "that story" that when you have negative energies, you get sick more easily.
I thought when I get stressed my immune system goes on strike.
I thought I eat too much gummy bears and crisps.
I thought I didn't sleep enough.
I thought it was he pasta with ganja.
I thought it was the karma - I have been too much lucky in this life.
I thought it was the unbalance of the universe and that some Reiki massage would have fixed everything.
I thought it was mis-believing our Lord Jesus Christ that made me pay for it.
I thought I had all the sexually transmitted diseases on earth in my body.
I thought it was the cheap beers.
I thought it was the drug experiments.
I thought it was me hoping to be carried everywhere on a wheelchair, because I am so fucking lazy and someone up there was making me pay for it.
I thought everything.

I catched bird flu. I had the most painful ear infection on earth.
I have been sleeping 9-10 hours a day and feeling still exhausted and dizzy.
I even gained a couple of kilos!?!?

Long story short:
I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism - my thyroid does not produce enough hormones- therefore next Sunday my company is sending me to Thailand to get checked there because in Cambodia hospital are not trustworthy.


I want to be sick all the time!

Give me some glitter, paid flights and a disease and I'm the happiest person on earth.

Drop a comment about your current disease and how you love to be sick.

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Sorry to hear you’re not well. Hopefully you get all fixed up in Thailand.

My current illness is sleep avoidance. I had a very bad habit of staying up until the wee hours rather than getting a healthy amount of sleep.

Perfect example is right now. It’s 10:20pm and I’m at the gym... why?

Feel better! My niece has that same thing! She later , after a year of medicine, wanted to change to a holisitic approach but the doctor said it was too late as the medicine in essence just shrunk her thyroid to nothing, so she has to be on the medicine forever now, so just be aware of that before you choose your final 'treatment'. Good luck and keep smiling and wearing wigs!


Is there such an holistic approach for the hypothyroidism?It sounds a bit hippie to me. It is something to be cured with hormons regulator.

I got parasites and it sucks balls. Also Swiss air lost my luggage and can't find it and all my medication is in the luggage.

"I had the most painful ear infection on earth."

Had one too recently. After examination by a doctor it turned out to be heavy damage of the eardrum, caused by having heard two songs of JB at this party that I was invited to.

Obviously you look better already. Take care.


Yep! Appointment with endocrinologist this afternoon :)

this sucks. Get better soon! There are better reasons to travel but I'm glad you're making the best of it.

At least it wasn't the Gummi Bears and crisps.

Looking good glitter girl!

What a confusing state I'm in - I'm happy and sad for you. Happy travels.


I love to confuse you

Hahaha! I've never seen somebody this happy to be sick! I'm glad for you that they found the cause of your issues. I hope they will treat it well and you will feel better soon :)

Ahh shoot.. sorry to hear that! What a coincidence, my wife has been diagnosed with hyperthryroidism another complete opposite! She's scheduled for a radioactive therapy which would render her hypo like you. I guess that's the better case between the two because it can be controlled through hormone replacement.

In any case, I hope you get a good treatment there, buddy! Be well!


Right now, in Bangkok to get checked! Enjoying the city. It seems that thyroids problems are very common nowadays.

I have a problem with my eyes.
Every day I am in pain.
I have been for 15 years now.
It's called blepharitis.
I fckn hate it.
It is incurible/.


Ohhhh! I hope you can find relief somehow :/


every day is a struggle :( Some days better than others though, but I can always feel it.


What does it feel like? Like a migraine type sensation? Sorry to hear anyways. I like my eyes...so I can only imagine.😶


Ahh I can talk about it for days...
It sucks so bad... the eyes keep watering and they feel really hot and itchy, they are also dry too.

The main problem is the meibomian glands which sit on the eyelid are blocked so the important eye oil can't get out from them.
Therefore my tears evaporate very quickly thus leaving me with irritable dry eyes..
They feel like someone else's eyes very often.
That's a tricky line to explain.. They turn me into a miserable ass most days as I can't ignore the pain and frustration.

Some days are ok but most are bad.
Very rarely I get a pain free day.
Bleeeugh. It stops me from doing lots of things.


:-( Does climate effect you? Like colder or hotter has an effect through out the day on the eyes?


Yes absolutely. That's one of the main reasons I moved away from the UK.
The wind causes terrible tearing and the cold just sucks.

Warmer climate means that the oil in the glands is softer and has more of a chance to come out .
Some people are just dang lucky with their eyes, they just don't realise :D


Hotter climate is more fun, I think anyways.


Walking around in undies all day and night is really a treat.
I love the warm wind.
Good for my eyes :D

I guess if you gotta get a hinky thyroid, and get sick, you might as well get a vacation out of it. The old silver lining to the cloud, like a SL shiny dress. (Which rocks, by the way)
Not sure what my current disease is, but I know it has to do something with staying up too late messing about on computers and being wordy to my friends. Hope your feeling peachier soon. Enjoy Thailand, maybe you can say hi to @tangmo for me while there. Cheerio(s)

Try the right diet oil pulling & inversions! Fuck pills!!!

How you feeling today? Did things go well on hospital vacation?

Well, just checking in on yah. Hope you get all the love and care you need on your stay.