Token Markets Legal Advisory Areas

11개월 전

Providing competent and thorough legal advice in the token offering and post-offering financial markets sector is a daunting undertaking that most counselors cannot credibly achieve. It involves such disciplines and considerations as diverse as:

securities law broadly (of the U.S. and myriad other global jurisdictions)
The full suite of useful securities exemptions under U.S. law (including Regulation D, Regulation A+, Regulation CrowdFunding, and state-level exemptions)
organized financial intermediaries and markets law (i.e., SEC/FINRA: broker-dealers, ATSes, and regulated exchanges; CFTC/NFA: FCMs and ECPs, DCMs, SEFs, and DCOs, and so on)
state and federal money-transmitter law (MTL/MSB) and the New York “BitLicense”
international and jurisdictional law
know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) law
a deep understanding of blockchain & DLT technology
media law and internet law
privacy and data security law (and technology)
startup business law, including:
entity selection advisory & formation
corporate law and governance
intellectual property law
financing and venture capital
Don’t “wing it” without counsel fluent in all of these areas — or go without counsel at all! Akin to “release early and often” in the software world, getting early and frequent blockchain legal guidance (even when simply considering the possibility of a token offering or blockchain venture generally) is critical and will save you in the long run.

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