Customer Service.

5년 전

Today I decided to treat myself to a Blizzard at Dairy Queen because I'm such a good boy. I placed my order at the window and was instructed to pull up by the front door to wait for my treat. Several minutes went by before this poor employee came scrambling out of the door with a ton of shakes, cones, smoothies and bags of food. She went up to several cars in the parking lot to give people their orders, many of which were incorrect based on the amount of stuff she ended up bringing back inside. She came back out and asked me what I had ordered. I told her, she apologized about the wait and went over to this other guy waiting by his minivan. The dude was clearly agitated. The employee zipped inside and quickly returned with more menu items. She gave me something close to what I ordered, so I pulled into the parking lot and hopped out of my car to head inside and swap the item out instead of stressing this gal out anymore. As I got up to the front door the aforementioned agitated guy was holding a couple of ice cream cones and reading the riot act to a couple of female employees. I overheard him saying that he used to work for Dairy Queen, that he knows how things work there and that his wait was totally unacceptable. I got in his face, told him to leave them the fuck alone and that this was ice cream we were talking about here, so he needed to fucking relax and act like a human being. That vile specimen slithered back over to his minivan and basically whispered 'fuck you' to me. I laughed loudly and headed inside. I kept an eye outside to make sure that human water blister didn't try anything cute with my car and saw that he sent his baby-mama inside with the ice cream cones. She went up to the counter, demanded her money back and said that her 3 year old and two year old were outside waiting in the hot van and that it was all the employees' fault. She got her refund and a stack of coupons for free shit. She didn't say thank you and stormed out. Moral of the rant? I don't know--don't be gross sack of shit that breeds and freaks out over ice cream? Be more concerned about NOT wearing stained sweatsuits and flip-flops out in public? Try to remember that ice cream is fun and not to freak out if it takes a little while to get? Also, my Blizzard was fucking delicious. I had a great time eating it.

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