Deworm your cat naturally

2년 전

Do you want your cat deworm naturally and chemical free ?

Well some of us will just bring the cat to a veterinary and let them do this and it cost us too much .

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Alright ! I know you feel it's really expensive to bring your cats into vet and let them do it . Instead you can buy additional food for your cats you use the money for it's deworming . No worries fur parents because I will give you step on how to deworm your cats naturally .

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What you will need ?


  1. If your cat food is 16 pounds then the measure for Diatomaceous Earth is 1/2 cup .
  2. Pour the Diatomaceous Earth into the cat food .
  3. Mix it well or much better shake it off the best you can .

If you look at the cat food with Diatomaceous Earth you can still see the powder but after a day or 2 you will not able to notice the powder because the oil of the food will absorb the Diatomaceous Earth .

This is the best way of deworming your cats , recommended but inexpensive way of wormer .

Let us know your comments down below if you already use this ( let us know your experience ) or If you will just give it a try .

Save The Animals

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Hi I saw the title of this post and I thought to myself “I wonder if they are using diatomaceous earth”. I use the stuff in my house to deter spiders and other insects as I live in the rainforest. I have also used it for fleas on my daughter’s dog, but I was not sure if it could be used for worming. This is great news for me as my daughter can not afford the expensive dog wormer for her 60 kg mastiff. I will tell her the great info tomorrow and I guess we just adjust the dose to suit the dog’s weight. Thank you kindly for this information. His name is Grizzly Bear, by the way. I found you from @chbartist’s community list, each post I read I have been checking out some of the members to find new people to follow 🙏🙏



Thank you @enjoycompany but for safety of our pets - Diatomaceous Earth ( Make sure to use only FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth, there is some that is NOT safe for cats )


Yes thank you, I have food grade have eaten it myself in smoothies.

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Thanks ! Will do next time do not have enough steem power at the moment .