Are you sure you are ready for a blockchain monetary system ?

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When browsing through crypto forums I see lots of comments from people that bitcoin will replace fiat and we will liberate ourselves from governments and regulation.

Now my question to all of you :

Are you sure you are ready for a decentralized world ?

Im not saying this to minimize the potential of blockchain I just wonder if most people truly understand what it would mean if Bitcoin would fully replace fiat :

  • No more schools, roads, libraries unless something gets crowd funded ? Not sure if this will be a succes
  • No more social safety nets. You get paid what you work for. Sounds good but what if you are sick ? No taxes thats true :) What if you get fired ?
  • Probably no more police or firemen. Who will pay their wage ? Also who takes the lead ? Will they fork is they have different opinions :) ?
  • Who will we blame for everything :) ? If everything turns out your own fault it will be very confronting ! Maybe we can still blame some god :)

Probably Im overdoing. But did anybody think about this ?

Be carefull what you wish for :)

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As for me, I've never really imagined bitcoin replacing fiat; probably because I'm still a learner in the crypto world and I can't really see the possibilities of that happening. Bt looking at all you listed, mehn, bitcoin replacing fiat doesn't seem possible.


I agree but I notice alot of crazyness lately and people shouting whatever. Gold fever probably :)

Blockchain is certainly not the solution but currently the system in which we live doesn't seem to work perfectly (ecology, wealth gap, interest in politics ...). And it can bring ideas to improve our world. I'm always optimistic in the morning with my coffee, it changes in the day :-)


You have a point there we could use some parts to better the world. Im just worried about the current crazyness and people shouting :)


Yeah crazy people when you see some ICO... But for the elections, blockchain seems to be the perfect tool (everyone can control of the results, reliability, no need to go you can vote at home...)


Indeed or stuff like charity


Hahahah this is all true. Yeah I think a lot of people fantasize about things they think are great and amazing, but don't step back for a moment to see how their ideas can impact everything else like you've mentioned in your post.


Most people just think they will be rich in that new btc world since they have 0.5 btc :)

Some probably dont even have a clue what decentralization means...


Exactly. Yeah in theory it sounds like a great idea to most, but when you consider everything else. It's like "Oh shit!" moment. You also have to think about governments too... most of them don't want this, because it completely undermines everything they do and the underpinnings of society.


World would become quite hard and selfish. Even more than now I should add :)

When I think about it, health care and stuff would also suffer...

You mention a few points of view that never crossed my mind. Crowd funding, a figure to is getting me thinking. Im not so sure anymore, I like to have a blame it all on it figure!


Blame it on religion that's my favourite :)


Lol, ahaha, good one!

If you consider social evolution like a conversation between voices with different levels of power and responsibility, then the voices of decentralization are still very quiet and weak. I agree that many of the arguments from that camp are also not very thought through. But I believe the status quo of state power needs a shakeout and as the voices of decentralization grow in power and influence I believe their arguments and solutions will also mature...


I fully agree with you but we will not get there with statements that are essentially fueled with greed and without any investigation or basics.

Also alot of people don't understand that decentralization also comes with a bigger responsibility of the individual and is not the road to a free lunch that the government is holding from us :)

I think we will soon be uploaded in a virtual word so none of this will matter but we will need a virtual currency so yeah, that will be probably one of these guys.


What makes you so sure we are not in this world already :) ?

i am confuse in the last ... points no police and no school


There will be no government to pay for all of this since they have no funding from taxes and stuff.


if there will be no government no politics no precedent .. they how will things work .. its really dangerous

Now, No ready for a blockchain! I Will Try Think About blockchain! Great post Bro!
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