Celebrate the new year with unique Champagne - La Grande Dame

3년 전
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Hello Steemians !

A very short post to show you all the unique bottle Of champagne I bought to celebrate the new year later today.

Its called La Grande Dame by Veuve Clicquot. It is only made by the house in exceptional years and last one was in 2006 !

We should make on for crypto in 2017 lol :)

No seriously since some years I always told myself I would buy one the day I made a certain promotion at work. It's not like its only for billionaires but still 200$ for a bottle is not free

2017 has been a great year

  • My family was awesome as always
  • Got that promotion !
  • Made a killing with crypto. Who didnt but still wtf :)
  • Bought great stuff for my collection

Hope you all had the same great year and an even better 2018

More pics of the bottle below. Look at the rotating box :)

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  ·  3년 전

Nice to see you posting man haha.....200$ is equivalent to 80000 naira....dats quite some money eh...enjoy the drink...cheers☺


yeah wanted to go wild once :)

happy new year....enjoy this time


Same to you enjoy 2018

nice post,enjoy this times
happy new year,thanks for sharing


Happy 2018 !

Happy New Year 2018
all the best


Same to you


celebration times...i like this post
happy new year..enjoy


Happy NY !

I wish you happy new year.i pray for you.your will success new year days.god bless you and your family.


Dont pray do something usefull but thanks anyway :)

celebration times in new year.
happy new year @sbrys
followed // upvoted // resteem


You are spoiling me :)


i am very very sorry sir @sbrys


What :) ?


doesn't no my problem.. just for you
tenor (5).gif

Being alive and all the gains is worth celebrating friend. Happy New Year to you and your family. Cheers.


Very true ! Same to you !

nice post,enjoy this times...
Sorry for this late Happy new year