The Many Falls

2년 전

I was always told in life it's not how you fall but how you get up. It applies to literally everything we do, surf included.
Having just moved to LA, surfing seemed like a natural hobby to pick up. Only caveat, I suck at it. Also, for any of you who have actually tried surfing in LA, it's not the easiest experience. The water is cold, the waves are big(ger) and you are surrounded by a flock of experienced surfers... all this makes for an intimidating combo. Luckily, our little surf town in El Palmar (Panama) was the total opposite. Warm water, baby waves and a handful of beginners which makes it an incredible place to learn. I was still falling... clearly... but with a smile 🙃

Caption for this photo: veni, vidi, cecidi (otherwise translated as I came, I saw, I fell)

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Cool post! Follow me back @nytravelfoodsurf, I also surf!


Very cool! and you're from NY :)

The wave there is lovely

Nice post...think about how you use minnowbooster/upvote bots..feed price dropping soon. Hope you make it up over the next 7 days. Good luck!


Just read the full article. Very interesting analysis. I don't think many people know the science behind the system

Very nice. I love surf too.
But isn´t veni vidi vici? (I came, I saw, I won)