18 FML Confessions to Brighten Up Everyone’s Day

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18 FML Confessions to Brighten Up Everyone’s Day
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March 17, 2018
Posted By nova Viral

Sometimes life gives you lemons and you try to make a fruitful lemonade out of it. However, there are certain situations in everyone’s life which no matter how you see it, from which angle you look at the scenario, is simply bad.
All you can do when stuck in a situation like this is mumble and sigh and then screech, FML, for the world to hear. The only positive thing is that we do hear. That is how these confessions ended up in the below compilation.
This will make you feel that you are having it so much better.

1. This is sounding so darn bad. My sympathies.

2. Coming out of the closet in the worst way possible.

3. A really awkward position to be in.

4. Well, that looks like a legit enough reason.

source: https://goo.gl/TEY2n4
more: https://goo.gl/TEY2n4

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