What is Goth? - History of goth & clearing misconceptions.

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First and foremost, I want to make this clear: The Goth subculture at its very basic, is music based, just like Metalheads are a subculture based on Metal music, Punk-rockers go with Punk, Rappers rap and so on. You get the point, In this article, I'm going to talk about the history of the subculture, it's music, and what is and what isn't goth.

So, what is a goth? What is goth music?

Origins & genres.

In the late 70's and early 80's a New type of sound emerged from Punk music. This new sound is now known as Post-punk.


Siouxsie and the Banshees, circa 1979.


I like to come to this video from Accumortis
giving a brief explanation to the topic, talking about the origins of the genres of goth music:


What is Goth?

As taken from the Cemetary Confessions podcast:

1.An appreciation of or affinity for goth music
2. A social or philosophical departure from media culture's ideologies and norms
3. Embracing darkness (manifest as the color black, aesthetic, an appreciation of the macabre, or through other creative and performative avenues)
4. An active pursuit of incorporating these ideologies, material objects, and rituals into substantive, communal interaction.
A more in-depth look into this, and with a bit of talk about what a sub-culture is can be seen here:



From stuff I've seen on the internet to stuff that I've been told, Its quite obvious that there are a lot of misconceptions referring to the goth culture, either from mislabeling of stuff or simply ignorance that comes from the fact that Goth is an underground and not well- known culture.

About mislabeling:

From Columbine to Marylin Manson(Industrial shock rock), a lot of stuff gets miscategorized as goth, this comes as result of either the media doing bad research or moms antagonizing a label, there is not much to be said here, Just because something looks "creepy" or "gloomy" it doesn't automatically turn it goth.

Also, there is the misuse (?) of the -goth adjective, From stuff like Pastel-goth (a fashion trend derived from the Creepy Cute Japanese style), Health-goth (sporty black looks) and so on, Just because something is black, and "kinda creepy" for the outsider it doesn't mean it is goth either.

The non-existent relationship with metalheads: This subject comes out as one of the Metal sub-genres is Gothic Metal, this genre is derived from Doom metal and takes the "Gothic" label in a way more related to the Gothic literature/art than its zero relation with Goth music. Goth does not equal Gothic.

Some Goth Music I Like:

To end this post and not making it too long, im going to post 2-3 songs I like depending on the genre, so here goes nothing!:


Goth Rock:



If you are interested in more goth music, you can always check this playlist to see what is of your liking:
(link to the actual playlist)

We are also a big community online, you can always get into the Gothy Discord, a place to share music and discuss everything related to the Goth culture. So, feel free to pass by :).


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