I Make Too Many Plans and It's a Problem


Lately, I have been pretty stressed out with everything that's going on in my life, but I have to admit that I am the one to blame for it.

I've always been fairly ambitious but in the last few years, I have decided to pick it up a notch. I work full time, I have a part-time job and I am also going to a coding boot camp to learn frontend development. As you can imagine, it is a little hectic.

To make things worse, I have made a crazy plan for this year. I decided I will do a lot of things. I decided I will do them for a good reason. If I do everything right, it means that my life will become better. But it also means that the next 3-4 months are going to suck.

First of all, I want to finish my part-time gig. I've been doing a lot of translating from my language to English. It has an expiry date. I'm okay with that because I am totally over it. I hate the stuff that I've been translating because it makes me upset sometimes because of the sensitive nature of the content.

Then, I promised I will help my mom start her business. I managed to save enough for three months' rent for her store and I will be helping out with managing everything in the beginning so it can run smoothly in the future. She is an incredibly talented tailor and she just needs a little help. I'm positive she is going to be successful. If not, at least we tried.

Next, I will finish my boot camp and start building a portfolio. Then I will see where it all takes me because I don't like my full-time job. The pay is okay but the work is very boring. Even if I quit it I will still be okay with my savings for almost six months. I'll have some additional income streams once the tourist season starts. Then I can last even longer.

I'm also working on a top-secret project which might make me money, but I'm not going to talk about it just yet.

The last thing on my list for this year is that I want to get a driving license. Even though I turned 18 quite some time ago, I didn't need to learn to drive. I didn't have any interest in doing it and the public transport in my city is pretty good. But I guess it's time I learn it now. Maybe at some point, I will move to a place where driving is necessary.

That's what I have in plan. The money will be tight for a few months, but I can make it work. I don't spend much anyway and I make sure to track my spending and save. I have been driving my friends insane with my spreadsheets but it will be worth it!

Wish me luck Steemians! I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has contacted me and replied to my posts. I feel welcome here and everyone has been sweet. I'm sending all of you hugs!

Here's another picture of me because I'm a narcissist. I swear I smile sometimes!


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I hope everything works out the best way possible!

Maybe writing on Steemit can be some sort of stress relief. Good luck with your plans! :)


Thank you so much! I hope it can be too.

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