Endless Summer

3년 전

One of my hobbies is painting shells. Better than a canvas because they're free! As a kid I used to sell painted shells on the beach during the summer. My brothers and cousins and I would scavenge for all the shells we could find, then paint them together. Later we would put them on our rusty radio flyer wagon and sell them to the daytrippers. One time we made 80 bucks!


I'm really feeling the vibe of this shell right now. It's winter in NYC and the past few weeks have been miserable- below freezing every day and sometimes in the single digits. Although, we were lucky enough to get a snow day last week! Basically, I'm done with the cold and can't wait for summer to come.

The inspiration for my painting. I recommend this movie to anyone who needs a break from winter, and anyone in general! There are so many scenes of gorgeous, untouched places. I could never get tired of watching it.

20171010_191730 (4).jpg

A pic of modern-day surfing. Unlike the unspoiled natural beauty seen in Endless Summer, many places have become so built up (although there are still many beautiful places out there). It's still a lot of fun, but maybe not the full experience.

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That is so awesome! What kind of paint do you use?


Thank you! I used acrylic.

  ·  3년 전

a difficult pastime that requires a lot of patience. very nice work

Cool, I wonder if you ever find any Wampum ?


Yes, there's lots of wampum!

That's a cool painting job.. I like painting rocks