Surfing at Rockaway Beach

3년 전

This fall we started going to Rockaway Beach a lot. Since I live in Brooklyn, Rockaway is one of the closest spots to get to, although it still takes a bit. Any time the surf looked decent (and by this I mean we would take practically anything we were so desperate to get into the water haha) me and my brothers would rush home from school to hop in the truck and drive to Rockaway. These photos are from some time in October.

Here's dad carrying his longboard down the ultra-steep stairs!

DSC_0859 (2).JPG

And of course we jam to this on the way there:



Heading to the water




The little bro.

DSC_0907 (2).JPG

What makes surfing at Rockaway so cool is the mix of beach and city. When you look towards shore as you're riding a wave it seems crazy that it's happening right next to all the giant buildings.

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Awesome post! I love the sunset photos and colors! @originalworks.


Thanks so much! I'm a sucker for sunsets

I also like to surf! Seems like a good spot.




surfing is radical :)

Very cool photos!



awesome photos ! I see a seagull photobombed one of your shots !


Yeah good eye!

Around October the waves in Rockaway Beach get bigger. It is a very beautiful beach and it adapts very well to those who follow the surfer mode


Yes it's a great spot! Do you surf there?

I visited NY few times during winter season. Hope to visit there summer or fall. Looks awesome.


Definitely! Summer is really fun but it gets a bit too hot- especially in the subway.

Wow, the photos are amazing. And I'm about to check out the Ramones on Spotify if they're there. I always like finding new music :)



Ah! I had already heard their music before, just didn't know who it was : "Hey Ho Lets Go.."


Haha yup that's a good one!

Ah how I miss the East Coast. Enjoy every minute of it for me will ya? :)


Will do!

Hope your doing good?

I can you helping me by follow my blog cause new to steemit and i need some followers

Thank You

Next summer i will try it ;)


Go for it! It's a lot of fun.

oceans and beaches r my favorite place to have fun
it makes me so lively

Awesome post! Didn't knew you can surf there. I'm an OCD curator and I want to nominate this post to our daily compilation. This could get you more attention to your blog and maybe some extra votes. Reply if you accept.

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Cmon. More posts, please. Good content. We are following you. All best


They're comin! Check out my latest post:)

wow. that looks truly amazing ;)


Yeah it was really fun while the warm weather lasted!

This beach looks amazing! Beautiful photo of the sunset. 😊

awesome photos! love seeing families surfing together :)


Thanks so much! Love to surf with my dad and brothers:)

Great photos, awesome sunset