The Joy of Bachelor Hood

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For you to be able to do whatever you want without restrictions is a blessing, this is the freedom of choice. Humans are blessed with the unique ability to make decisions and choose whatever or whoever you want. The scientist have told and taught us that there are various ways of solving scientific problems, if one isn’t working, try the other, just keep trying.

This piece has captured beautiful moments of my bachelorhood. There are certain momeries that lives on in our minds. I have decided to share with you my beautiful moments.

What is Bachelorhood?

Bachelorhood – the time of a man’s life prior to marriage.

“time of life” – a period of time during which a person is normally in a particular life state.

Bachelorhood is an absolutely amazing time of a man’s life!


I have the freedom to do whatever I want however I want it. I can walk around in my room stark naked. I can sit down like a monk, mediate and enjoy my solace. I can eat bread and jam in my room or dip bread in my hot tea and enjoy, I can go out to parties, stay wavy, wild out and meet any person I want. I can do the loud fart, the loudest of all farts and laugh at the sound intensity! I can hold series of prayer sessions alone, I can go on my knees, grieve and cry aloud. I can enjoy my privacy without disturbances. With my other soft skill, I can decide to cook myself some real good home made meal or go out to eat.

I can fry beef and also steal from it! I can decide to eat “bilkys” (biscuits, milk and sugar) or eat any junks I want. I can invite Tinuke today and call on Sharon tomorrow. I can wake up and drink, plan and strategize. I can sleep on my bed and unknowingly land on the floor. I can scatter my stuffs and re-arrange again. There is always order in my chaos. I can press my toothpaste in the middle or press it from the rear, I can lay my bed and sleep on it or I sleep on the bed without laying it properly. I can blast the music and sing out loud, I can dance and do the moon walk or dance any steps I want. I can stare at the mirror and tell myself how smart, and clever I am or keep abusing myself and laughing at myself. I can read books in that quietness and do my research without fear of restrictions. I can go out early and drive in very late in the night. The freedom of bachelorhood is limitless.

The Joy of bachelorhood is limitless. I cannot keep the joy to myself. I cannot tolerate disturbances, I cannot bear the thought of graduating from this lifestyle. Unfortunately someday soon, I will.

Till then, I keep enjoying this. And that’s what it is.


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Enjoy it while it lasts


Lol... Thanks

You like enjoyment o. But don't be there for too long, there are also many benefits accruing to a married man. You will see them when you get there. Thanks for sharing.