Steemit/Steem changes since I've been gone???

2년 전

I have been MIA for the last month or so but hope to be more active here in the future. I've missed getting on here and try to check it when I can but I have not done a good job committing some time to the community here!

It appears "Steemit" is still in beta..

  • Have there been any changes in the last few months?
  • What is going on with the "communities" that was supposed to come?
  • Is the future here still bright or have people started abandoning the platform since the price of Steem and other cryptos have decreased?
  • Has #SteemSilverGold held strong? It seems like the metals prices have recovered some which is good for long term holders (I guess)
  • Will Steemit ever get out of beta?
  • Are there any scams that have appeared on here that I have missed in the last few months?

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🤔... not really

😄 2019 round time? 😉


Haha I love it!! I hope to have a post about this soon.. There are some workarounds that will need to happen!

You've been missed, @sevinwilson! I was wondering where you were, my friend! Take care.


Thank you! I feel like a bear who came out of hibernation after a long winter!

Glad to have you back Sevin!


I need to commit to being here more often! I hadn't posted on Instagram in months, Tweeted rarely since football season ended, and never post on Facebook.. :|

Here mate...the newest thing in steemworld..a @steemalliance was created where voting for a working group on how to go forward for the community will occur at 6pm today ust. Vote or be represented.

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Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

I’ve been MIA as well. Head spinning with the upheavals and also some exciting enthusiasm for new projects. Good to see you back.


Thank you sir! Hopefully I can get a post about the Steem Silver Round out soon!


I do hope we can get another STEEM silver round for 2019. It’s such a great process from the design competition to the anticipation of receiving the beautiful Silver rounds in the mail.

Welcome back bro, we are still here plugging away. We still have the fastest (and lets not forget free) money transfer system, Steemit is not an ICO, and despite all the nonsense that has been going on, we STILL have the largest active user base out of all blockchains... I would imagine Steem will AT LEAST rise in value again, I love this place, always have. The personal connections I have formed here are more valuable to me than anything else.