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Facts about India
Today we will talk about the country with the biggest democracy in the world.India stand in the second position of countries with the largest number of population.today we will talk on Facts about India, having the coolest and crazy facts.India covers the large portion Asia in the economy as well as Land.India is the only country with most number of religions in the world.

Indians and its constitution believes in the diversity of religions.India is a secular country with most number of religions living together,India is a country with no state religion.

Amazing facts about India
Indian Military-4d9df025-7bac-4faa-a71a-ead0eb133a11.jpg

Indian military is the 4th largest military in the world.which occupies almost 0.34% of the population of India.

Taj Mahal-1b37e241-6c5b-4428-adf0-fc1b446f44e4.jpg

the one of the wonder of the world from 7 Wonders. Also known as a symbol of love. Taj Mahal is built by the fifth Mughal emperor Shahjahan to house the tomb of his loving wife.

India Railway -
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it is the largest in the world having the largest rail network in the world.also holds the longest platform in the world. the station name is Gorakhpur in the Uttar Pradesh state of India.

Post Office-

You had written a letter and submitted that post letter in a post office. Today most of the people don't do this because this time we all do SMS and messaging etc.you will be amazed to know that India has world's most number of post office, almost 150,000post offices. In India, there is only one post office per 7000 people.

Now you will be shocked to know that in India there is a floating post office in the Kashmir located on the surface of a lake.It is inaugurated in 2011. this post office is built on a boat.

Golden temple-

the golden temple of India provides free food which is called as "Langar" to almost more than 1 Lac people daily.thats an interesting fact.

Kumbh ka Mela-

it is a shocking fact that in 2011 there was 75 million attendance of people in the Kumbh Mela.

and this was so amazing that people in Kumbh Mela is seen from the space.this was the most number of people gathered at one place


Meghalaya state in India holds the record of most rainfalls in a month as well as in a year. There is a village in Meghalaya where average rainfalls are most in overall India.this place is also known as the wettest place.

English speaking country-

India is the second largest country in the world with English speaking people.

Rocket on Bicycle-

you will be shocked to know that the first rocket in India, which is sent from one place to another place was carried on a bicycle in the Kerala state of India.

vegetarian people-
the number of vegetarian people is most in India who never eats non-vegetable

APJ Abdul Kalam-

the great scientist also is known as missile man . we all know about APJ Abdulkalam but the interesting fact is that Switzerland celebrates 26 may as a science day in the remembrance of A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

Rabindranath Tagore-

the person who has written national anthems of two countries the first one in India and the second is Bangladesh.

Production of milk-

india produced 132 tons milk in 2014 nd left behind the Europian Union.

Sea Link-

Bandra Worli sea link bridge located in the Mumbai.the steel wire used in this bridge is in so much of high amount. the wire used this bridge can roll the whole earth.

Dharmashala cricket ground-

this cricket ground is situated at an altitude of 1,457 m above the sea level which is the most for any cricket ground in the world.

Hope You all got some informative words.

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