Cookies for the Homeless Fundraiser Update: LAST DAY TO SUPPORT!

4년 전

Today is the last day for Cookies for the Homeless fundraising (because it is the last day I can cash out in time to buy cookies). Right now, because STEEM has fallen, it takes 2SBD to buy one box of Girl Scout Cookies. Read on to see a full accounting of donations received as well as more about our first distribution to a family who lost their home in a fire. Remember that I wrote two fundraiser posts and then accepted donations made directly to @shawnamawna with "Cookies for the Homeless" in the memo to buy cookies.

The front of my Daisy Scout's tunic with the petals she has earned so far and her troop number. That's Violet, my Junior Scout behind the tunic.

The first piece I posted earned almost 13.5 SBD in payout.
The second piece earned about 11 SBD.

I am add those together and rounding up to 25 SBD. But we aren't done.

Several of you sent donations directly to this account (@shawnamawna). Those included:

1.000 SBD from @happycrazycon
0.100 SBD from @traciyork via @tipu
0.052 from @jaymesbawned, a Steemit newbie who gave everything he's earned so far.
1.000 SBD from @appiepearl
0.100 SBD from @sultnpapper via @tipu
5.000 STEEM from @sultnpapper
0.500 SBD from @bubbleboy
$20.00 USD from a local patron

Prior to the last two listed donations, we were at 28 SBD and 5 STEEM worth $80. Cookies cost $4-5 dollars per box, so of our 200 boxes, we can currently purchase 20. HOWEVER, before the markets crashed, we could buy double that, and that is the number I went with.

On the back of the tunic, you can see fun patches River has earned. Along with the rest of her troop, she has a cookie booth 2018 patch, a cookie fun patch, and will soon have a community support patch for donations to the homeless.

After @bubbleboy and my local patron's donation, I was able to buy 5 more boxes of cookies, which I did and which were already donated by Violet, my Junior Girl Scout. Learn more about the recipients here.

I know I promised you pictures of the girls with the cookies. Those are still coming. I'm waiting for booth sales to be finished so I can get the last 20 boxes of cookies because here's the thing: My youngest daughter's troop has a handful of cookies left to sell. Anything they don't sell, our troop still has to pay for. But if we sell out, we can still purchase more cookies. This means I can maximize your donation by allowing a new troop some financial security with cookie sales by waiting until booth sales are complete to buy up the rest of their cookies.

Double support! THANK YOU, STEEMIT!

Again, if you want to donate, send SBD or STEEM directly to @shawnamawna with "Cookies for the Homeless" in the donation field. Today, February 27 is the last day for me to accept donations. I will need to cash out tomorrow morning US Eastern Time at the latest and start converting to USD to pay for cookies before our cookie season closes. If I had the cash flow in my bank account, I'd accept donations longer, but I can't front that this time around.

Let's keep bringing joy to the homeless!

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I love that your kids have the opportunity to understand service, compassion, and charity at such a young age. And thank you for using your time and resources in such a great way.

Way to go!


Thank you. That has been my favorite part of scouting!

I like your T-shirt, let steemit give you happiness in the form of upvoite, thank you for the post I really liked


Thank you. I love that shirt. My girls and I all have a matching one.

  ·  4년 전

It is nice to help the homeless.
Thank you for your contributions.


Thank you. I appreciate your supporting voice.

Congrats for standing up for the less fortunate. It takes a big heart to take such an action. Life will reward you abundantly in return. I would have gladly contributed but my steemit wallet is still "new" - not 7 days old yet. Will definitely do it in the next round. Keep on extending the life line.


Thank you @lifeline. I will keep it up. <3

I have no steem to donate, if you have a PayPal account I’d love to donate. You just get more amazing the more I read and get to know ❤️

I wish I had seen this post earlier and could have contributed before the deadline. Perhaps next time you do an fundraising, I can catch it in time. Blessings for doing such projects, and I wish you MUCH success with future efforts! Thanks for sharing this success story with the #steemitbloggers community! heart.gif

May God richly bless you for your kindness. @shawnamawna.