How I became an orange

5년 전

Yana loves facts. She relies on facts in many of her sentences, for example:

— In fact I like strawberries and spaghetti and you and mummy.
— So you're putting me and mummy into a logical sequence together with spaghetti?
— No, I also like oranges!

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This is awesome!! I would feel honored to be mentioned in the same sentence as strawberries and spaghetti! Two of my personal favorites!

@zublizainordin UpVoted this post @shuler and find it fun reading... Children are Cute.

Disconcerting! hahaha!

I love children's way of thinking. Can I ask you a question how are you getting so many boats at such a low account level but with such little bang for buck. Thank you very much in advance. Kindest Leo


No idea about votes and the way I'm getting them. I'm not doing anything special in this regard.