WADA needs to be destroyed! Карфаген должен быть разрушен!

4년 전

I don't know, ladies and gentlemen, I do not know. FIFA is shouting on every corner "No to racism". The Jews also do shout about anti-Semitism in different countries. But somehow, as soon as talking about the Russian, in a strange way Russophobia is not considered neither xenophobia nor racism, nor Nazism. Especially when the IOC began to reign Lord of WADA. Strangely... and it's funny... the subordinate organization has to manage and to specify what to do for those who created it. It's time to say, as in the time of Romans: Carthage must be destroyed. More precisely WADA must be destroyed. Because Meldonium harmless, turned Pfizer''s minions in the steroid (although it is not) can not use. But Serena Williams has the right to sit on steroids during the competition. because it hurts... WTF! So if you are sick get rid off the competition ! Bit you! And when you get well, clean yourself away from setroids and only then compete. By the way Mr. Phelps, you are an addict and you are not disqualified for life? you smoked marijuana. You were caught in it. BUT WHY YOU ARE NOT DISQUALIFIED FOR LIFE AS A RUSSIAN? So, WADA's Yes-men, shut up! WADA needs to be destroyed

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