War...huh...yeah! What Is It Good For?


Great article from www.lewrockwell.com today by a former Army major, Danny Sjursen.



It’s a long read and I’ll have to come back and reread it, but if you have the time please check it out and give your thoughts in the comments. The following is an excerpt;

So what should this now-retired Army major make of it all? The inconvenient truth is perhaps very little. It’s unlikely that anything I’ll write will change many minds or affect policy in any way. In the decade following World War I, when Major General Smedley Butler, the most decorated Marine of his time, took up the pen to expose the ills of American-style corporate warfare, he (unlike me) made a true splash. As today, however, the American intervention machine just rolled on. So what chance does a former Army major have of moving the needle on U.S. militarism?

If you aren’t familiar with General Smedly Butler he is worth checking out as well.

War Is A Racket

Edwin Starr Video

Kudos To Danny Sjursen

Someone who took a stand! Thanks Danny for taking this stand!

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I agree... war huh... yeah... what is it good for? Absolutely nothin❣️Love your enemies the good Lord says ❣️