My efforts and failures at trying to break away from the Rat Race of Life #429

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Whats its all about?

Sometimes i and i am sure it is with others, we get bored. Bored of everything, does not matter what it is, just could not be bothered cause it seems pointless. Standing in work thinking to yourself, what the fuck im i doing here? what im do doing wasting my time in this place for. Why do i spend more time working with these idiots then i spend with my family. Maybe i mean trapped more than bored. Does life sometime's feel like it's slipping away and your time is being taken from you.


Is this modern day slavery?

I have no knowledge on how people used to work hundreds of years ago but i have always sort of assumed that a doctor took care of sick people, a farmer farmed, a soldier fought but most workers would have been self employed doing work from home. There might have been other's working for governments, more like employees. You think they had mortgages are rent to pay for back than? are more likely to be living on land passed down? There is no question the quality of life today is a million times better. At any given minute i could be reading a blog wrote by some guy in China he uploaded 3 minutes ago while watching a movie on my smart Tv and playing 21 questions with Alexa. All while i sit in my boxers in my overheated house drinking iced coffee's with whipped cream through a god damn fluorescent pink bendy straw. What a time to be alive? are is it?


What is the cost of all this luxury to me i think. Its time with my family. That's something i can not get back, i can always get more money., Everyone needs a place to live and most people need jobs to get money to survive. Our homes trap us with 20-30 years mortgages are we pay rent that goes up faster than your wage. Our jobs take away all our time, they take us out of our homes away from our family. We are forced to work, to pay to live. I am a baker by trade and i would love nothing more than to bake bread and cakes from home and sell them on a stall in my front garden, life would be more easy. I hear you say, Why dont you do it Silverstacker? Just go for it!! We all know it's easier said then done when a family is need feed and clothed. I would need a license to sell anything food related which includes inspections and so on. I looked into it when i was about 17, haha. Im sure it is harder now.

How can we get our freedom and break away from the pack?

No idea, i have been trying for years. Ever since i was 16 and selling the best copied dvd's you ever saw up until being 32 and starting Steemit i have been trying and no long term success. I have had my hand in alot of pies over the years over a wide range of investments and ventures. I have tried in more ways than i write about below and failed to break away from the rat race. These are my main ventures, my bottom dollars bitches at the time.

I have been called Delboy many times.

Back was i was 16, eBay was just new and you could sell whatever on it. I bought some dvds for myself from china and seen they were pretty good copies, factory made with extra features. They were copied in chinesse writing so i souced a place in singapore and made an order. The only visible different was the real one had an age certificate on the cover and dvd. Long story short, i boxed them in new cases, brought them to work and wrapped them in a bread wrapping machine so they would look brand new wrapped and i was selling 300ish a week making around £1200. At 16, this was pretty cool but it had my mum sweating when she found out what i was doing. Kinda hard to hide 300 padded envelopes in your bedroom. I saved alot of it and lived off my bakers wage. I remember getting a £100 note and hiding it away :) That lasted around 14 months and i got caught be custom's and excess. 2 years later i was in court that resulted in a fine of £680, i had to stop myself from smiling. I paid £125 to 5 different movies studio's for copyright and court fees. My solicitor was telling me from the start to expect a £15-20k fine and maybe a suspended sentence because of the volume. I found out about 6 years later from the same solicitor when grocery shopping that they never looked into my paypal and bank transactions, lmao. I used the proceeds to buy a flat (apartment) and move out.
Next was a genuine copied clothing and trainers. Oh yes, your not a proper delboy until the dabble in both fake dvds and fake clothing. I got into this was i was 19 and looking for ways to use my spare bedroom to make money. I thought, i will fill it with good fake nike's and tumberland boots. I spent a few weeks sourcing down uk suppliers, i did not what my name getting flagged at customs by ordering outside the uk. I placed a few sample order and went with the guy with the best quality. Turned out the guy was really sound and we spent hours talking on phone about everything. At 1 point, i was selling tracksuits, VB jeans, jumpers, coats and around 30 different trainers. This lasted around 11 months and in that time, i built up the stock i always wanted and the spare room was full, so was the top landing and half the computer room with boxes of trainers and clothes. Problem was i could not sell the shit. My excel sheet told me i was only making a few hundred every month and with all the extra work involved and mindfuck of having that much dead stock, i gave up. I called it quits and let my family and a few friends take whatever they wanted before i sold the remaining 90% on eBay. My sisters filled their cars, lol. I ended up making a no more then £2k and was a little ass hurt from the whole experience and i decided no more dodgy stuff. All above board from now on.
Next up and a little different. It's poker. I love numbers and i love gambling and im been playing poker from i was 18 and able to sign up an account. I paid to learn and lost for a few months before i learned to ABC it in 9 seater tables and wait for hands. After that i learned to try and guess what people had based on bet sizes, how long they took to act and how fast are slower the game is playing and once i was confident i was correct most of the time, i learned to act on it. It's easier to know if you are winning are losing during a hand than it is to follow through with your feeling. I could not count the amount of money i have gave away in big river bets just to prove to myself and feed my ego they had me beat and i knew it. Once i figured a game plan out i was turning $100, sometimes $200 into $500-$1500 every week between Friday when i got home from work until Sunday evening. It was just easy and afetr a few months of that, i was like, fuck work. Im done!! I grinder out tables for long lessons, worked my way from the $100 cash tables up to the $2000 at my peak. I get away with it for 7 months and thought i was wonna be a millionaire, all i had to do was out in the hours. Turns out putting in hours messed me up, i was sleeping like a dog for a few hours here and there, i was not eating properly, not cleaning the flat, not doing nothing expect play poker. I put in a 31 hour session once. I keep it short, i moved up in stacks to fast and did not learn fast enough. I get destroyed at $2000 tables and moved down where i grinded it for a few weeks with negative results. I was looking at my bankroll and thought best to move down to the $400 tables and were i proceeded to lose around $3k in 1 day. It's over, i said. My confidence was gone. I withdraw my balances from all the sites i used and kept $200 in fulltilt to stop me from depositing are cancelling my withdraw request should i have a small relapse. End result was, i lost a 5 figure number in my last month but i lived off poker for around 11 months in total. An old work friend had moved to Cyprus and told me i was free to visit. I gave him a call and told i was coming out for 2 weeks and ended up not going back home until Christmas 4 months later. My bankroll was almost gone and my bankroll was all my money.
After getting back some cypress i had to get a jobbie. Bored hanging about my flat all day i decided to get an xbox to kill some time. I was looking on eBay and seen they were selling broken ones for £15. I researched a way to fix and found out it was the red ring of death. I sourced the things i needed and made the repair and i was surprised it easy fairly easy to do. For the next few months i bought, fixed and resold as many xbox's as i could. I was buying pre made repair kits with everything need from a seller on the american eBay. I seen there was around 15 people in the UK selling them and i thought why dont i sell them as well. They were any nylon washers, metal washer, a few screws and some cpu grease. Bid's for broken xbox's were getting high and i could sell these bidders the kits to fix those xbox's. I was pretty much flat broke and the stuff needed to made my first batch of 50 kits cost me around £34. I made my first sale on the 6th of whatever month it was and had a turnover of around £900 byt he end of the month. I lived off the last off my saving's as i used my whole cashflow to buy bulk supplies at cheaper and cheaper rates. I became to 2nd bestest seller of xclamp repair kits on and stayed there for around 10 months. (You see a pattern of 8-10 months with everything i do, whats thats about?) I could never get that top spot, that seller had to many returning customers for me to compete with. I ended up turning that 1 kits into a about 15 different kits by adding different tools, rubber pads and cpu greases. The price of the kits ranged from £3.99 up to £14.99. By this time i was buying everything in super bulk and selling all the different parts to the kits and tools individually, my porfit margin after all fees, all costs were around was over 60% and i was doing a few grand in sales every month. This all ended when i went to Thailand for a 1 month holiday. I built a huge stock before i went, left my friend in charge and went on holiday. I came back to find my eBay account blocked and about 180 people looking refunds. It was not my friends fault, she had helped me with the dvds and knows the process. After some digging, i found out that paypal had only sent me around 70% of my ebay's invoices which i was forwarding on to my friend. I phoned eBay and they told me they could not help and my account was closed. I did all the refunds, get depressed and looked for a job. That was the end of eBay, i have any bought off it since.

Did i give up are grow up?

After that, i did a few temping jobs here and there and learned to match bet. I gave building websites for affiliate marketing a try, made a few wedding cakes for people and dipped in and out of a few others things. I took a few hundred from matched betting every month to pay for beer and i saved my wage for the next big thing. Turns out the next big was going to live in Thailand for year, i stayed for 14 months and broke again. I returned home back to my flat in Feb 2013 and since then, i have got married and find out things slow down. I like being married but i at times think about what if.....i never got married? I did what i wanted until we were married, then things changed lik eit was more grown up. I really think my life would be worse without the wife. I have remained in the same job the whole time gaining 2 promotions, started to stack silver and started Steemit. Apart from a few nice holidays and family events, not much really happens.

Do you lose your drive at 30? are can i blame the wife on this one?

Anyways, that turned into a long assed post. Well done if you made it to the bottom. This is were i tell you that right now, i have more money saved than i have ever had and im living better than i ever was as well. I guess grinding out in a job builds something if put into the right things. The spot price of silver is the same as it was 4 years ago but my 2014 panda's are worth more :D

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Bloody ‘ell! — What a badass UK!!!

Interesting life you’ve had. I’m almost 50 and i can tell you that things do change — but when you find an interest or genuine passion, that’s a good thing to embrace.
😜👍 ⚡️ 100 4U


The post kinda went another way from i planned it. I think steemit and stacking my silver is the way forward for me. I made so many spelling mistakes, lol. Thanks for the comment and upvote buddy :)

Great post. I was kind of in the same boat up till about four years ago. I was slaving away at a desk job and hating every minute of it. Quit cold turkey and started farming I have never been happier. I also started stacking silver about the same time and feel I have more wealth now Then I ever did when I was working at an office


Funny you should say that because i used to be a big chain fast food manager and it sucked the life outta me and same as you, i cold turkey walked out. I am a baker by trade so i got a baker's job. Punch in, punch out and forget. Bliss :)

Good times bro :D

Hey silverstacker! Interesting life you got there! I got your next big thing, and you don´t even have to leave the wife ;P. Learn to trade cryptocoins.
See, what you always wanted was financial independence right? And you´ve almost achieved it many times but failed only at dealing with unforseen consequences. So, we know you´re a good player at the money game, but maybe a little prone to rage and lacking in adaptability. It doesn´t matter, you got great skills and drive there bro.
Now you´ve settled down and from the looks of it, you learned to tone your temper(or rather the married life has done it for you), but you don´t have to relinquish your dream, you may still achieve it but in a different way.
What is so great about trading crypto? Well, for starters, you win in PERCENTAGES, meaning that if you "bet" a small amount of money, then you earn a small amount, but if you go big, you earn big. From the surface it looks just like poker, with a few exceptions: you can WITHRAW your money "in the middle of playing a hand". That´s right, for example let´s say I bet on bitcoin reaching 20k soon. I have my money and my orders in place, but if I see a great sudden change in the market, and I´m smart about it, I can change my plans and get out at 16k. Trading is all about MANAGING RISKS, not about being right all the time.
So, you could be still working your job and living your life while dedicating a small amount into trading with the objective of earning big. And when you do earn big, you can then decide if you want to leave your job and your wife for a chance to play long hours at that game. Just kidding, don´t leave your wife. Trading didn´t make me rich yet, since I´ve been doing it only half a year, but it did pay me a free vacation so I can´t complain.
I love it, and I´ll probably keep doing it till I die.


Btw, also hold on to your steem, since market analytics say 1 steem will probably be worth 20 USD in a few years. ;)


You know what. I have all of today and most of tomorrow with nothing to do and i will just research this subject and really put 8-12 hours into it over the next 2 days. I feel motivated to do something. I have some small holding in other cryptos outside of steem i can use the learn and lose with. Im guess it's a you sorta pay to learn by making rookie mistakes in the beginning?
Thank you for taking the time to write that comment, i will write back tomorrow evening with what i have learned.


You know what? You motivated me to do a saga of trading courses so that people can learn from scratch.
When I started learning trading a while ago(about 1 year ago), my problem was that I mainly encountered these types of courses and videos:
- Overcomplicated technical courses in a specific fintech dialect for people with years of trading experience.
- Lots of people that do live trading sessions to show how good they are but don´t explain the fundamentals.
- People who do explain the fundamentals but do so in an exceedingly boring and impractical way.
- People who try to excite you about trading and making a living in trading, but you see them trading with millions of dollars and they don´t explain how the hell they got there.
- People that try to sell you 500 dollars courses that, according to the reviews because I never bought one of those, they weren´t worth the money.
Along the way, in every 20th video or so that I found, I found a hidden gem who told me a specific aspect of what I wanted to learn. But to get where I am now, I had to watch about 50 videos from different authors, which I could compile and explain in easier summarized ways or even refer you to the good source material.
So yes, finding a good structured practical and useful and FREE trading course(and that starts from 0) can be a bitch. I´ll try to summarize one for you in my next saga, starting the next week. ;)


How is your research going btw, what videos have you watched and what source material have you learned from?


That sounds great, how would you go about it?

My research is coming on slowly, i always start with google and try to find forums and chat rooms but always end up at youtube and you know how that goes.


Well, I know that you might already know some of that stuff but I´d start from total 0.

-I would first show the people how to trade their fiat currency(eg. Dollars) for Bitcoins, introduce them to finance gateways and exchanges, review the main exchanges and explain what a chart is and how to read candlesticks.

-Then I´d brush them up on some of the fintech terminlogy so that they can at least understand when they read the investopedia.

-Then I´d introduce them to technical analisys and the main indicators, how to use the moving averages, money flow indexes, and the difference between chart types and what they are used for.

-I´d explain the differences between investing, swing trading, daytrading, and explain the differences between markets(eg. Penny Stocks on the regular stock exchange vs. FOREX vs. main cryptos vs. craptocoins)

-Then I´d talk about trading strategies(the normal ones, not the super wild ones, since I´m still discovering most of the complex and bolder ones)

-I would incite my readers to share good material so we can build "a good library of bookmarks of trading videos" together.

I´m sure I can think of more things to add, but those are the ones which come off the top of my head.

I will prepare something for posting it next week(I got several other articles in the "pipeline" to be posted this week before that).

Nice blog, following.

I often feel that I'm treading water keeping my head above the "Debt", my credit card balance paid off monthly, Line of Credit down to Zero, but it's getting harder and harder to do. On top of my full time job in Nursing care, renting my unfurnished suite, and a cash only little job on the Moonlight. I can only manage to stay barely ahead. The culprit, TAXES. Eating more than half my income. I got a 1% raise but the City announced a 3.5% increase in property taxes. Yep, I'm a slave. One day my Stack will save the day. Oh, one more thing, there are rumors that my Canadian Federal government will table a bill requiring scrape dealers to issue receipts on precious metal transactions.


I hope our stacks will save us.
I grew up in a single parent family with me, my bro and mum. I remember things were tight sometimes but i also remember things got better. My mum would have had debts but she got them all payed off over time, years. Now she away on a few holiday's every year and drive a nice car from me and bro moved out, haha.

Theres light at the end after the long grind, i hope the light is the shine from a silver coin 😎

It's not easy. I was fully engaged on the hamster wheel of a soul sucking professional career for decades. It was sheer misery 24/7/365.

My overall health deteriorated to the point where I was compelled to review some long standing life insurance policies. Flipping through the blizzard of written terms, conditions and exclusions I thought something like 'I'm looking forward to dying to put an end to all of this'.

I said to hell with it. Dusted off some old technical skills from my youth, sold nearly everything and took a job in a war zone at age 50. Yes it's a bit dangerous at times and aggravating most of the time. But the job itself is easy; I'm off duty by 2 p.m. five days a week. Not having to pay taxes and almost no expenses has allowed me to stack PMs like crazy and travel a fair bit. I can retire this year, but I'll probably keep riding the wave until metals go parabolic or I hit the mandatory retirement age of 60. Best part is that if I "get got" and die tomorrow-- No Regrets!


Wow, what a great story, thanks for sharing it with me buddy.

Its Friday tomorrow and i know's an easy day so i have calmed down since i wrote this post.

This is to tell you that my first blog is done and I have to thank you for the incentive to be a blogger. I have some questions : Is there a maximum number of blogs per day ? Is it possible to save a blog somewhere inside steemit, just to publish it later ? Since the end of January I have been upvoting silvergoldbotty at 100%. Is it automatic that she begins upvoting me on March ? Or should I do anything ? Thanks for your patience.


Nice one and well done. I will check it out later and you will see a comment from me for sure. Ok, soo,

1/ No limit to posts you can make
2/ It sorta is. I have pre wrote blog posts before. You can just write them and leave them. Steemit auto saves your post and you upl;oad whenever you like. Of course you can not write any other posts while doing this. There are steemit post editer's and they have a save function were you could write a week worth of stuff and set a timer for when you post them. But i have never looked into it.
3/ I would assume, you will start receiving a Stax upvote in March
4/ Ask in one of the Stax posts and she will answer you back but i dont think so, your name is on the membership list and you voted Stax everyday in Feb

No worries buddy, anytime.
I'll leave you to it

My life seems kinda boring now! Lol. Same company for nearly 18 years now, and I've never hustled wares at all! Cheers SSUK, you're doing it proper now by the sounds of it, keep grinding away and stackin' crypto and silver!


Steemit is the way forward, it may never make enough for me to quit my job but for free money, its helps me buy little bits of crypto here and there :)

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Good post @silverstackeruk! Enjoyed the backstory. It's good to sit back and reflect on things sometimes, what worked, what didn't, and where you're headed.


Learning is the best put of it all. To see what you have done and see that it's worked. They are the best moments for me.

Thanks for commenting and checking out my post

Man brother I know this feeling allll to well. I feel quite similarly. I've always had a hustlers mentality, always able to make something from nothing. I love my career but I hate how much time is taken away from family experiences and memories. I've dedicated myself to taking mire vacation time vs building it ti cash out later. It's hard to fimd that balance when you love tour family,your job, and your hobbies. Time is our greatest commodity and I plan on buying alot of it back in the near future.


Great comment buddy,

Thanks for sharing with me

Maybe it helps but I made most of my savings after age 40 and had zero pandas before age 50. I also left you a message about a new member for our group.


Can't fault the work ethics. Things always have a way of falling in to place and I'm hoping steemit is the one. Like you, I spent most of my younger days grafting, trying to find a gap in the market to turn over a few quid. Stick to it and this time next year we will be millionaires.


Yeah, you know im talking about.

I thinking Steemit is my new thing as well. Its just does'nt feel like it because there's no investment to make. I mean i guess we pay Stax every month but thats just smart 😎. Were both earning alot more SP now compared to 3 months back i guess and 5000 SP would be in reach within 3 years for both of us.

If steem hit a market cap of 10 Billion is 3 years, we would be like Chuck Ching!! We'd be getting over 100k each and a proper 100k in pounds not dollars. Im dreamin again


Now that would be nice. Let's just see where we end up. If it pays me a couple hundred pounds a month to buy silver I'll be more than happy, if it pays off the mortgage then I'll be swinging from the light shade naked!!


Make a note that if steemit money pays off your mortgage, to leave enough to buy a new light. lol


It has been duly noted.. Lol

I think after all those different ventures and grinding it out for so long, sure you'll miss the freedom, but you appreciate now the stability you have and of course, the big bankroll. Thanks for the story!


Something will come along again, im always on the hunt.

I think steemit is perfect and earning steem is a really good way to save without knowing your saving. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few years. I do like my routine but every now and then, its fucking shit. Today is a better day 😎

Thanks buddy


That's a great way to say it and good perspective to have.

My friend, I am twice your age but my life looks like a placid lake compared to yours. It's a good thing that now you are having time to think about what you did and about what you intend to do. Don't worry about doubts because life is an enormous doubt. Not to mix subjects, I will make another reply.


Im not afraid to take risks, dont mean like putting £2000 on a horse are something. I mean like quitting jobs, losing all my money and paying 1 credit card with another. These were also some of the most stressful time's i ever had but the stressful times are soon forgotten when things turn for the better.

These are the days i am chasing......

I may have already found it in steemit.

Wage slavery is the reality for most people, most are too scared to risk leaving the cage.


Yes, thats a completely different thing and not what im talking about.

What you are talking about is despicable and much more cruel

Brother that’s one interesting life. Glad that you are doing better now. I’ve been grinding it out for 30 years now and have a daughter in college emptying my savings quickly. That’s a good read. Thanks for sharing. Cheers🍺


These are my first 10 years after i left school. I am half way through my second 10 years, i feel like now i am doing way less and not trying as much but getting better results. The smart thing would have been to work and do all these things on the side which i could have done. 14-16 hours days dont bother me that much if i like what im doing ;D

Thanks for commenting buddy.

Im not looking forward to my 2 turning into cash grabbers ruining me and wife retirement saving plans. lol. You cant take it worth you


Being in business for yourself and by yourself and being the sole provider for 30 years has been a true struggle at times. But I’ve lived through it so far, hoping to have something for me at some point.🍺


Deffo best days of my life. I have had plenty of freedom in the past. If you have been taking care of yourself for 30 years, im sure you will get rewarded :D

Thanks for commenting.