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Dear steemians

Inilah bunga-bunga yang tumbuh di dalam semak belukar. Bunga ini terlihat sangat kecil Tumbuh diatara rerumputan liar. Namun dibalik itu semua saya melihat ada keindahan dengan warna putih sempurna di mata saya. Dengan kamera smarphone saya coba lakukan zom kemudain Barulah saya ambil gambarnya.

Taken by huawei nova 2i





These are the flowers that grow in the bushes. This flower looks very small Growing in the wild grass. But behind it all I see there is beauty with perfect white color in my eyes. With my smarphone camera try to do zom kemudain Then I took the picture.


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The picture that can be painted with color of human imagination seems to be more natural. The painting is no longer in color and color. Photography is also limited to camera frames. Like technology and rich imagination of human imagination.

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Bunga yang sangat cantik kawan😎😎😎😎😎

It's hard to find people who do not love flowers. Nature lovers just love flowers.

The flowers are the most prominent in giving gifts to loved ones. On any given day, the style of giving flowers to loved ones is very old. Moreover, especially during the festival days, young people love to decorate with flowers.