One to one thousand

4년 전
in life


Learning about the mind and science without learning to enrich the heart is the same as not learning anything.
If your actions inspire others to dream, act, and become more than ever, you are a leader.
Be kind to your friends to look after them, and be kind to your enemies to defeat them.

The earth is enough for seven generations, but it will never be enough for seven greedy people.
If people become good because they are afraid of getting punished or expecting a gift, then they are in great regret.
Mistakes will not be true even if repeatedly announced, on the contrary, the truth will not be a mistake even though no one knows it.

You can make a throne from the bayonet, but you will not be able to sit too long on it. If you believe the war will result in victory, you must fight, even if the rules forbid it. I'm more afraid of people who train 1 kick 1000 times, than one who trains 1000 kicks 1 time.

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