Come on Alicante street-art crew...

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I'm sure that if you put in just a little more effort, you could do better. I mean... if you're gonna take the risk of getting caught for vandalism, you might as well make it worth while.

It might seem as though Spain turns a blind eye to its street artists but in fact crackdowns do attract the public eye every so often and it is illegal here. Local governments do impose heavy fines on street artists of up to €3,000, when they are caught.
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Let's see some examples.

Is it really worth risking a fine of up to 3000€ for this sort of thing?..





Don't you think it looks a mess?

I guess this next one is marginally better. It kinda has some artistic flare.


Or with a bit of an effort,

Do something like these and maybe make some fame for your name. Turn your skills in to a career!



Produce street-art like that, or better if you can, and people will pay for that shit!

Don't mind me, I'm British

It's my opinion is all. I just can't see the point in risking massive fines and being wasteful with paint, when you could turn out some awesome artwork.

You never know you might get famous like Banksy.

Well I leave my little rant there and let you mull it over.

~ Sivehead

Ps. I'll could well be visiting again in the new year... I hope to see an improvement. 😁

Ps. Ps. I apologise this isn't written in Spanish, I'm still learning, I'm not fluent enough to write in Español YET!

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Eeewww... a slimy slap! Or was that eel drooling. Lol

Art is one thing. Scribbling on someone else’s property is another. It’s like pissing on someone’s house, but more difficult to clean. 😜😂

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Lmao, very true... but then again I'm not sure what they drink over there. Lol

Ps. I read you the first time man. Or was that your replacement phone playing around? 😁


Partiko error maybe. Sorry. It said “your comment couldn’t be published.” So I did it again. But it did publish. Whoops!

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It's cool. It was just as funny the second time I read it!

Come on now, you can't get good at something without practice. Just think of it as Banksy-to-be's working on perfecting their art!

Well, that may explain some of it at least... I think there's just something in human nature that draws some people to graffiti, it's been present throughout human history (if you want a chuckle, look up Roman graffiti). Doesn't make it any less obnoxious on occasion though.


I can understand the practice makes perfect scenario, but to see an blank wall and scribble any old crap just seem a bit pointless to me. They could at least try and do something worth looking at.


Oh I know, most of the "I was here" graffiti is just obnoxious. Sometimes though I see in it places that makes me wonder how in the hell they even were able to get access to, those I find at least mildly amusing.