Poor Man's Golf

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I mean there's really no point in making a post here and actually writing about anything is there? Nah, yea I didn't think so.. I do appreciate the handful of folks that read my posts and reply on occasion but it just seems silly and absurd to keep up this charade...

I'll just say having an athletic outlet is helping me cope with what's perhaps the most difficult shit I've dealt with in life and my life ain't been rosy for decades so that's saying a lot.. Jail, addiction, murders, overdoses, suicides, domestic abuse, triad shit, ghetto shit, etc. can't hold a candle to my current ordeal. I guess all that shit has prepared me or possibly made me so calloused I'm less human than most. I really can't say.. Life is fucking intense and if your biggest complaints are boredom, or your government or what the fuck ever I'm jealous..

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