Dodge Magnum Runs Light & tbone a Toyota Corolla


Firetruck helping block off the road so I could safely load up

Work seems to never get boring when there's always an accident happening somewhere in the city. Even during this time of the pandemic, people are still out on the roads causing accidents. I'm just grateful to work during this time while trying to stay safe and maintain my social distance while doing so. Both the driver of the Magnum and Corolla were taken to the hospital via Grady EMS seeking treatment for their injuries. I found it odd for them both to be riding in the same transport unit being there was a dispute about who was at fault. I'm sure that was a long ride full of awkward silence and stares.

Check out the video from the accident scene of the Magnum and Corolla :

As promised, each day I will post a daily vlog here as I do on my Youtube page. Thank you for your support.

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