Stolen Recovery Chevy Silverado w/ Lift Kit


Stolen Chevrolet Silverado left abandon in someone's driveway.

Imagine coming home from being out and you discover an unfamiliar vehicle parked in your driveway, what's the first thing you going to do? A few questions may run through your mind such as "am I expecting company?" "Someone. I know got a new car?" along with other thoughts are typical.

Well, the homeowner immediately contacted the police and upon their arrival, they informed the homeowner that the truck was stolen. Here in Atlanta, it is very common for slider crimes to be committed daily. People are not locking their doors or just plain ole leaving their running cars unattended. Either way, it is sad the way people are inconvenienced by these criminal actions, these criminal actions are what keep us in business.

Check out the video footage of the Silverado being loaded on the tow truck

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