Towing 101: How to load a car on a flatbed tow truck


How to guide for towing with a flatbed tow truck

What's going on Steemit, this Serious the Tow Truck Driver coming at you today with a "How to" video for towing.
As previously mentioned in the Towing 101: Introduction roadside assistance video ( the link will be in the description below), we're an impound lot and cars are towed off the lot daily by customers and insurance companies.
This is a How to load a car on the tow truck step by step instructional guide.

Co- Parts has sent a contracted towing company to pick up this white Chevrolet Impala which was a stolen recovery vehicle. PD Towing is the name of the towing company picking up the impala. This truck is called a UD flatbed.
The driver starts by checking the vehicle to see if the keys are left with it. The zip tie in his hands would normally be used to secure the keys around the steering wheel. This is a process all drivers are required to perform when picking up for co-parts along with taking pictures of the vin and 5 different angles of the car being towed.

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