the truth of life

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All humans in the world have the right to live according to their own thinking and will. Everyone wants that no one interferes in my life, but it can not be done. Because as long as we are not in contact with any person, we have nothing to do with him, but when we have any relationship with any person, then we start to peep in his life, whether that relation parents Do you have a brother or a brother, a sibling, a friend of a friend, a boyfriend or a husband or wife? Due to interference in each other's life, the state of mind-muting becomes a result. But sometimes it happens that you do not interfere in one's life by thinking, nor do you think about hurting someone's heart. But still some people complain to you that you have hurt their heart. If something goes wrong with them, then they are responsible only for you, then you think that I have not done such a thing, then why is this blame on me, why am I being blamed, do I I am a bad person who is ruining someone's life because of me. Now your mind starts to get distracted, then you try to explain that person, say that I did not try to hurt your heart by thinking of it, if I have unknowingly done it then I apologize to you. Even after saying so, you can not satisfy that person. Do you have any other option, so that you can get rid of the misunderstanding of that person .......
please give your suggestions.........sorry-status-apology-quotes-image-hd.jpg

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