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For me--and a few billion others, life has been rather difficult at times. Though I have been fortunate enough to avoid the blights that so many others have been forced to suffer, our Creator seems to have developed alternative methods of torment for me. 

It was around my mid-teens that I began to struggle with the reality of my existence. In spite of my ability to see  beauty in the world where most others tend to overlook it, I was never able to distract myself completely from the growing ugliness that surrounded me. At that age, I could never understand why there was war and poverty. I could never grasp why there was so much hatred and division. I struggled even to find a justifiable reason for waking up at 7am in the morning in order to get to school where they would teach us things that we would never have a use for.

I was lucky enough to leave school at the age of 14, escaping my final years of conditioning, and providing me with the necessary time to research why things were the way they were. With every shocking discovery I uncovered, a thousand new questions would arise. Some call it a 'rabbit hole', but for me that description is unfitting when applied to my own experience.. 'Labyrinth' would be a much more accurate descriptor, for every corner would lead to ten more avenues of potential research. The ever-present knowledge that my investigating had landed me on some dissident watch list, equated to my very own personal Minotaur--the terrifying entity that owned and controlled this maze I had immersed myself inside. 

So what did I come up with after over a decade of research? Why is the world the way that it is? Why do people do such awful things to themselves and to one another, when humans are clearly--for the most part--inherently compassionate beings? 

I found, just as many of you already know, that there are a group of elites that have long-since laid claim to this land we share. They consider the world, and everything in it to be their personal property. That includes us. We are to them, as cattle are to a farmers. Our value does not exceed that of what use we can be to them. In my opinion, both the farmers and the elites of this world are terribly mistaken.

The word property should never be applicable to a sentient organism. 

Unfortunately, this belief is uncommon in today's society. We are programmed from birth to believe that it is acceptable to think of living, conscious beings as property, often in the subtlest of manners. We call people with dogs, dog owners. We call animals which have been--without conscience--bred for the sole purpose of being butchered, sold and eaten livestock.

What right do we have to own another living creature? Why can we not see animals as our cohabitants rather than our possessions? How can we be arrogant enough to believe that we are entitled to ownership of another living creature? How could our wells of compassion run so dry that we have arrived at a place where we think that it is normal to claim dominion over the life of any other being on this Earth?

Well, my research has lead me to believe that this is no accident. They want us conditioned this way so that we will be less abhorred by other forms of ownership, such as modern day slavery. I am not referring to to you and I, for it is true that we are all slaves to money--another intentional perversion of our natural existence.  I am referring to those whom lack even the illusion of freedom. Slavery is still going strong in a number of countries, and the sex trafficking industry has managed to find its way into almost all, if not every one of the countries around the world. An example of this would be the current pizzagate scandal. The most despicable of acts being committed on the most vulnerable of us, by those that have sworn to serve us, and what are we doing about it? Nowhere near enough. It is already becoming old news and people are just willing to forget about it, because they have seen essentially the same thing, yet in alternative forms, being accepted by society their entire lives.

So how did they manage to do this? How were they able to chip away at our compassion and desensitize us to things that should horrify us to even contemplate? Through fear, deception and manipulation. Through Hollywood programming and fabricated histories. Through stolen independence and perpetuated division. There have been an innumerable number of methods used to get us to where we are today, but those methods are not the problem. Putting an end to one, is redundant, for there are always another hundred in development at any given moment. The real problem, is think tanks.

These insidious, yet genius tactics which are used against us are not wished into existence. There are a plethora of organizations around the world which refer to themselves as think thanks.The majority of you would have heard of many of them already, but to those who have not, some of the more renowned ones are;

Club of Rome

Council on Foreign Relations

Trilateral Commission

These nefarious entities, though often sporting useful-sounding names, are the biggest problem that we commoners are faced with today. It is in these groups, which often have unfathomable budgets, that the elite of this world devise plans on how to better control their property. They use these think tanks to develop innovative new ways to divide the people, from a global scale, to a local scale, all the way down to the destruction of the family unit itself.

They have managed to trick the majority of the world into believing that they are the ones who have all the power, and they need to find new ways to keep that charade up until their long-term plans come into fruition. These plans stretch back generations, yet a look at the current state of our affairs would seem to imply that we are fast approaching the end of their long game. 

The truth is though, and it always has been, that the true power in the world belongs to us peasants. We outnumber them a million to one, and the day that we are able to decide together that we have had enough, will be the day that their reign over this world comes crashing down on top of them. While it is true that more of us are awake now than at any other moment before, there are still far too many of us asleep or too busy bathing in apathy. These fucks have been doing this a long time and have become incredibly good at pacifying the populous, and these think tanks are playing a huge role in that.


We don't stand a chance as long as we are all divided and they are all unified. This is why, for what I believe to be the first time, a think tank is being created for the masses. A place where anyone and everyone can come and share their ideas on how to combat the globalist agenda. As I said, we outnumber them by a great deal. Once unified, our collective brain power will mammoth over theirs. We will have the processing power of a Chinese super computer, compared to that of their shitty, Windows 95 desktop PC. 

The first step is to unite those of us that are already awake. Together, we will develop ways in which we can wake up the rest of us in a gentle manner. Then, when we are all on the same page, we can retake our home and restore value to life, instead of believing that the reason for living is to buy that new pair of Nike trainers so that we can look down on our brothers and sisters who are wearing the shitty Fila's. 

If you have ideas on how to wake others up, or on how to affect change from the local level upwards. If you have any ideas at all that could help your fellow man resist the oppression we are faced with today, then I implore you to become a part of the Awakened Minds Initiative. For now, this is a Steemit thing, but the plan is to come up with ideas which will lead to an Awakened Minds Initiative thread, group or chat room on every social media site in existence. If you don't have any ideas, consider resteeming this post to get the word out to those who may.

My thanks go out to @firepower for creating this group, and I hope to see some of your creative minds in there very soon. Any revolutionary ideas that are posed in the group will be fine tuned and then posted here on my account, so if you are an activist or want to help to better the world, give me a follow so that you will be able to participate in any upcoming campaigns. 

Have a great night, Steemians.

(image used in this post is royalty free and sourced from pixabay)

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Outstanding post, and a great initiative!

These nefarious entities, though often sporting useful-sounding names, are the biggest problem that we commoners are faced with today.

This quote reminds me of an excerpt from the book 1984. The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvations. These contradictions are not accidental, nor do they result from ordinary hypocrisy: they are deliberate exercises in doublethink.

Which, in turn, reminds me of a speech I heard, maybe by Rand Paul? Talking about legislation in congress, he said something like “The more jingoistic and pollyanna the title, the more likely its effect is the exact opposite. The patriot act was amongst the most unpatriotic of acts…(goes on to mention several others).”


Thank you. I have heard so much about 1984 but, as of now I'm yet to read/watch it. I was actually considering checking it out a few weeks ago. I changed my mind however, because I'm currently writing a short story on steemit about a post 'democratic' world where the one world government agenda has been fulfilled. I think if I read 1984, then my own story will turn out different because I will subconsciously be inserting ideas and philosophies from 1984 into my own writing. I'd rather have an unadulterated vision for my story, so I will wait till I have uploaded the final part before I look into it.

Very true what you say though, and the patriot act is perhaps the best example. Maybe I should have called the think tank 'Destroyers of Earth' to keep in line with the traditional doublethinking? Lol.


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