Everything is fate

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There are these events and news that literally freeze your blood. That make you stop and think about everything.


A man is sitting in his car at an empty intersection, waiting for the traffic light to turn green, when a huge SUV hits him at great speed and kills him.
A girl goes camping in a foreign country. One night there is a storm, a tree falls on her tent and kills her.
A little girl is playing on the rocks of the seashore in front of her parents when a piece of rock breaks off and falls with the child who dies.


This is just a small part of the absurd events that have happened in recent years in our country - the last one even happened to people who were my friends.


And today I was about to write a different post, but there was this news again...


An Audi Q7, driven at least 130km/h in the center of the capital, crashes into a taxi, splits in two and sweeps over two 20-year-old girls standing on the pavement.
The girls are dead.


I have written before about this uncertainty - what can happen when you cross the threshold of your house. Anything can happen. Of course, it can also happen when you are at home.

People call this destiny. But is it really so?


We call all these absurd events 'fate', simply because we have no logical explanation for what is happening. And why it is happening.
And also - to reject the possibility of change. To rule out the possibility that things could have happened differently.
Was it possible that these people were not in that exact place at that exact time? Could they have been told not to go there?


Hardly. Because in the first case I mentioned to you - the swept car at an intersection - the wife of the murdered driver was a numerologist. So, by all the laws of human life, she could have prevented all of this. But she didn't.
So the fate version remains.


Everything is fate and cannot be avoided.

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Personally, I am a sensitive soul with a strong sense of justice.
Traveling and photography are my greatest passions.
Sounds trivial to you?
No, it's not trivial. Because I still love to travel to not so famous destinations.🗺️
Of course, the current situation does not allow me to do this, but I still find a way to satisfy my hunger for knowledge, new places, beauty and art.
Sometimes you can find the most amazing things even in the backyard of your house.😊🧐🧭|

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Oh! I felt sad to know about these kinds of news. I believe in fate, too; i.e. fate brought us together and fate apart us. I completely agree with you, "everything is fate and cannot be avoided".

Nice pictures! The little creatures are very cute.


If there were no such news, we would probably have completely forgotten that we are mortal. Although sad and incomprehensible, they remind us that anything can happen to us and our lives on any given day, I think.
Thank you!


You're welcome! You are right! I agree with you.

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Yes, it is so sad when you hear such news. But, we can't do anything about it. That's why people say - "That's Life". So, the important thing is that we enjoy, appreciate and be grateful for what we have now, because we do not know when all these will be taken away from us.


Exactly! That's the point - we have to "enjoy, appreciate and be grateful", because no one knows. Really no one knows...