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I had an interesting conversation recently.


Oh, don't be surprised by the pictures I'm showing you today. They are just pictures of an animal that, viewed from the side is very interesting, maybe even beautiful (only when it doesn't land on our skin, right? 😁)


Or rather, the conversation was not so much interesting as unexpected.


We were on our way to the vegetable market when we passed a underwear and socks shop. I know this store because I've bought socks there before, and now I needed socks again, so I decided to go in. The socks there are not of the highest quality, although they are made in Bulgaria, not China (so that no one is offended here, I must say that our country is flooded with goods made in China, which are of very low quality, although they claim that this is not the case.. But their price is not high either).


And yet, this time I decided to pay attention to the seller-owner of the quality of the goods while paying for the two pairs of socks.


"These socks are not very high quality, you should know that," I said.
"Oh, really? I didn't make them, so I wouldn't know," he retorts. "Besides, summer will soon be over and you won't need those short socks anymore," he adds.
"Okay, but you know textiles are one of the biggest polluters of the environment. It's not ok to be constantly buying and throwing away clothes," I say.


"If you think like that, you shouldn't eat anything", he says.

I was about to agree with him here. After all, every food pollutes the environment and draws from its energy resources. In two words - we must not eat anything anymore. 😅


But it turns out that this is not what the man had in mind, because he continued:
"Everything is a lie and a fraud in this world now. Once we ate quality products. Now everything is poison. Everything you buy in the store, everything that comes as an import from foreign countries. Yesterday, for example, I bought an orange from the market. Import from Greece. I peeled it and then accidentally touched my face with my hand. I came out in a rash all over. I'm allergic to all the pesticides they spray the plants with."


Oh, I just have forgotten, that Bulgarians don't care about the environment in general. So I couldn't expect this person to talk about it. He was talking about himself, but at the same time he was right.


They recently discovered massive corruption at the border crossing points for food imports. Bulgarian producers claim that the lowest possible quality food, vegetables and fruits with chemicals above the norm are imported into the country for use.


We really don't know what we put on our table every day. But still - should we buy and throw away low-quality textiles because of this? I mean, is that an excuse?


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I only buy things I need. And I will use them until they cannot be used anymore. I don't throw away things, specially not because they are low quality.
I think the world is too materialistic and too consumerism.


Absolutely! Buying and throwing - this even sounds monstrous to me nowadays.
I myself have changed a lot over the years and nowadays I consider every single purchase, weighing all the pros and cons and most of all - do I really need this product and will I use it at all. Especially when it comes to clothes, because they really turn out to be a huge world problem that isn't talked about much.


I absolutely agree with you. We shouldn't buy something just because we can afford to, or because it is nice. We should ask ourselves do we need this product or not.