90 Day Challenge



Hey steemit. I'm gonna try a 90 day challenge starting today.

I smoke a lot of weed so I'm cutting that completely. No more crack cocaine either. I don't really drink but no alcohol at all.

My diet is decent but im gonna try going full carnivore. Only meat, no avocados or veggies or berries. Just meat... chicken, beef, bacon, sausages, fish.

Also no fapping, dating or sex. Don't send me nudes or ill flag you.

No more trolling all the shows on msp-waves.

Ill be doing a 90 day calisthenics program as well.

2019 kicked my ass, hit absolute rock bottom. No stable work, car accidents, finally finding a decent job then getting injured, losing that great job, just all around instability.

Its all good tho, got through it, still alive albeit with a blacker heart.

Im not an optimist. I am a realist. I will make things happen. This is for me.


I wont post daily or anything but ill use this as some kind of log and maybe some kind of accountability.

If youre trying something new in 2020 or want to change things in your life let me know. I'll offer support and encouragement as best as I can.


Today is day one :)

thanks for reading, wish you the best.

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You got this. All meat though? Have some french fries and gravy.

All meat seems a tiny bit excessive, but hey! This should be interesting. Happy New Year Swoop


Thank you. Ive read good things from jordan peterson and his hawt daughter so I'm trying it out for myself. Happy new year as well :)

Woah I'm kind of doing the same! Cheers to your endeavor! Don't forget to drink water 🤙✨✨✨

I'm not doing carnivore diet though, just gonna go low carb and portion control. And of course, staying hydrated. When the pee is clear you know you had enough water. Much love swoop! Hind sight 2020


Thats cool wish you the best. Im tryin the carnivore diet mainyl because its hyper restrictive, ill see how it goes then when i introduce other foods again ill know what affects me in what kind of ways. And yes always drink water.

I like ur posts :)
wish you enough will power! ;)