90 day challenge. One day down.


First day was easy. I didn't smoke any weed or crack cocaine. I didn't drink. I'm still drinking black coffee, that doesn't count to me haha. It helps with hunger cravings and feels great before a workout.

I ate 3 bison burger pattys seasoned with garlic salt, onion powder and paprika. Was delicious.

I did one hour of boxing training and a calisthenics circuit.

No fapping, sex or anything.

I can't help trolling the mspwaves shows so i left the server 😂

Why am i doing this? What are my goals?

I think my dopamine systems are all fucked up and Ive read about low reward living and how it can possibly reset everything.

I want to hit my target weight of 169. I used to be close to 300 lbs and im right around 200 now but i still feel i carry too much weight, especially when I spar. It might be superficial but I want abs and have good aesthetics. (I will post many nudes dont worry)

Ive been struggling since my online business pretty much failed so im channeling all my sexual energies into starting another internet business and getting a personal trainer certification. I hate working for corporations, i had a decent job with a small business but i got hurt and they hired someone else. Ubering is fun but its pretty lame pay when you break it all down.

I'm growing my account on Instagram (i know i know centralization blasphemy, but steem just isn't there yet. Ive been on Instagram 3 months and ive already received 2 album cover commissions and one of my designs is going to be made into pants. I love the people ive met here but theres simply more opportunities for me on a platform like Instagram, connect with me on there if you have an account).

I do get dopamine hits from Instagram so im limiting that app to one or 2 hours a day. Just to post, respond to comments and engage. It will be off my phone the rest of the day.

Ill probably make it like a reward. After ive exercised, ate good, didnt smoke or drink, hit my daily goals, then i can instagram.

Rewards work! Over saturation in this hyper stimulating world is my issue.

Focusing on my fitness and finances will bring me peace of mind. I know some say you should be content with whatever you are but im not like that. I know i can be better than i am and im pursuing that for myself. Call it ego or whatever. We all have egos and I feel its wise to be completely self delusional about things that will be good for you. Trying to "get rid of your ego" is the most egocentric thing ive ever heard of! 😂

Its about being in tune with yourself and your nature.

I couldn't walk for about 2 months because i tore my calf muscle in 3 places but it all seems good now so I'm going to start hiking again. Really excited for that.

I do really want to smoke but I won't. I don't feel hungry at all and i spent $30 for a weeks worth of meat, awesome.

I have one nug of really good cannabis but i won't smoke it until this challenge is done. Ive been a daily smoker for a long ass time so its a huge change haha

Thanks for reading my rambling. Going to spar and do the calisthenics circuit, drive people around for money, clear headed and sober. Then im starting a course on music marketing, reading (im reading antifragile by nassim taleb right now) and enjoying some water.

Have a dope day.

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I can't help trolling the mspwaves shows so i left the server

it is addicting lol........

No fapping, sex or anything.


I couldn't walk for about 2 months because i tore my calf muscle in 3 places but it all seems good now so I'm going to start hiking again. Really excited for that.

Butt sex can do that to you.

clear headed and sober.

Important ^ I'm sure you'll accomplish a lot in 2020. My goal is to loose weight and work on health more and smoke more weed.

Happy New Years if I don't see you later.


haha thanks for reading, i hope you have an awesome 2020.

smoke the best weed for me lmao (also youre now the butt sex king)

wow, you'll be a completely new person... but as long as you send nudes, all will be forgiven lol


Hah yes there will be many nudes :)


well, you did promise me one... and I'm still waiting lol grrr

Hey, it's @riverflows. This post - or a pimped up variation of it - would be an awesome entry for our challenge! Glad you steered away from the crack and fapping - good luck on your health challenges. It's a good time of year to reassess.

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Awesome, i recently got keychain but it doesn't work. I'll try to log into your site and post.