How to know your dad's phone pattern or pin - Life hack


Are you still a kid? Still play games on your dad's smartphone? Did your dad lock his phone so that you can't play anymore?
If all answers are yes then this post is for you. I know this is quite childish 😂. But I will write about it. Do you know why i am sharing this trick? Because when i was kid, i used to play Clash Of Clan on my dad's phone. But my dad wouldn't allow me to play. That's why at that time i thought of this trick which i will be sharing for those who face this problem.

N:B If your dad own a phone of fingerprint security then it wouldn't work.


First of all you will need 3 things

  • a drop of oil(any oil would do)
  • a napkin
  • working brain

Now take your dad's phone and drop the oil on the screen and spread on all over of the screen with your finger. Now take the napkin and clear the oil. Clear the oil in a way so that your dad don't get it and the screen can capture finger print. After finishing these stuff, tell your father that- I have to do a call to my friend now, please unlock it. Try to handover the phone on screen condition so that he couldn't understand there is something on screen( on screen off condition it shouldn't show if you removed in correct way). When your dad open the lock and give it to you, just go on another room and turn off the screen. You will see the smudges of finger, which will let you know the pattern lock(Do not touch screen before you know the lock, otherwise the print can get mixed).

If your dad is using pin lock, the you ill get 4 dots on screen, on 4 numbers. Note those 4 numbers and do bruteforce attack 😂😂 . I mean order those number in different ways and try with every order(May be there will be 16 order).
In these way i hope you will be able to unlock your dad's phone.


If your dad is using password then it could be harder to unlock but it's not impossible. It's hard because there could be a lot of print of finger if the password id long. Try to note all key's around the print and do a bruteforce like before(this may take a long time).

In case of finger print or face lock security it couldn't be broken but you can unlock it if your dad is sleeping. I think you know the way and i don't need to write much about it.
I know this post is very childish but hopefully this will help out the kid especially native kids as this type of problems seen in our country.

Note- All of these tricks are on educational purpose, don't use it on wrong way

This is the end of my blog. Thanks for your time to read my blog.

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LMAO! I can't stop laughing!
And then I can't stop thinking about what my kid is reading in order to hack me!!!
OMFG this is great.
Parents, watch out!


N:B- Parents, ignore the post 😂😂


Haha! Yeah, parent like me?

very informative

interesting post 😂😂

If the phone was unlocked by a password combinations of alphabets and special characters and a letter was pressed by 2-3 times then how we got that , the letter was pressed by how many times?

  ·  작년


dude, it is definitely more than 16 orders