AMTV Host Creates Energizing To-the-Moon BTC Vid

3년 전

Sometimes, I come across a video that warrants additional attention imho.

Today was one such video.

As most know, I am an AMTV viewer/fan; and a few months ago made fodder of this hard-working creator’s vlog with his fine car as a backdrop.

Well, success does not come from giving weight to fodder.

Chris is now topping the 600K market of subscribers, which should be like a megaphone to any trolls trying to derail his efforts.

He touts Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior which is clearly a hedge of protection against enemy attacks.

Well, in a most recent marketing video, Chris is seen on a jet ski with a breathtaking view of a glistening lake as he talks Bitcoin to the moon.

I have to admit I smiled through the entire video; and, even broader when Chris touted BTC to 50K and beyond, comparing it to the likes of Apple and Microsoft.

Now all said, could just be a marketing ‘ploy’. After all, BTC doesn’t make anything beyond transactions/currencies. But, it’s safe to say that the limited amount of coins available make this currency similar to a very rare and exquisite diamond or painting; so only time will tell.

At the end of the video, I have to say my spirits were lifted. I’m uploading this blog because comments were disabled. I guess he got a lot of negative/trollish responses. All said, I found it noteworthy enough to create this post. Hopefully, the vicarious experience and BTC hype will give you a little crypto boost as well.

Lastly, I’d be amiss to not say that STEEM isn’t showing signs of gaining traction; but posts by the likes of @exyle has me wanting to buy some; as, he is a very strong believer that liftoff is imminent for this economy. Mindful of the lesson to buy low, sell high, now is definitely a good time to invest.

Btw, here’s the video:

AMTV Host Blows BTC Out the Water

Best regards.


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