Can Elizabeth Warren Become Next POTUS?

2년 전

Wow. Who knew? Well, I did sorta’.

I first saw Elizabeth Warren in full-effect during the 2016 campaign, and instantly wondered why she hadn’t run for POTUS. Instantly, I realized out of respect for the Democratic front-runner HRC, she took a back burner stance.

I remain a believer that HRC was a shoe-in for Bush’s second campaign; but, she chose to sit it out. I was disappointed, because she had my vote.

But, that’s water under the bridge.

This post is about Warren, and how polished she was in this second debate. She clearly outpaced Sanders in her presentation.

All said, she will definitely give Trump a run for his money if she gets the nod.

Now, all said, who knew Marianne Williamson would be getting the attention she’s getting?

Well, I did sorta’.

I first ‘met’ her when I read her popular book “A Return to Love”. It’s one of the best books ever written; which explains why I have bought it several times because it grows legs…lol…it’s that good.

I will buy it again someday in digital mode.

But, yes Williamson speaks to the issues from a metaphysical point of view which relates to humans across the board.

Will it be a Warren-Williamson ticket? Ughm, never know…

Prolly not; but I do see Warren in competition for the nomination; and Williamson is definitely a prime candidate for Secretary of State, and eventually POTUS someday…maybe…never know…


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