Could RavenCoin Someday Be Cost-Efficient Dupe of BTC?

3년 전

Wow. Crypto was booming a couple of years ago this time.

Steemit was steaming along with lots of new subs, promoters, and developers promising great things for its future.

I happened upon this platform by ‘accident’; more like Divine Orchestration; and, can hardly believe that in its dramatic slowdown I still have an interest and optimism for what it has to offer in coming years, decades.

There are some really loyal believers who continue to promote the STEEM economy, with Steemit being an offset of this token.

Based on the title, this post is not about my entry into the crypto economy; but, more so to speak about a new-to-me coin that I came across today.

You might have heard about it.

It’s RavenCoin.

It is a token intended to be a more economical mirror of BTC, where people will be able to do peer-to-peer transfers for buying and selling.

I know that it’s not the first asset to tout this means of commerce; but, what caught my attention today is that RavenCoin is promoted/supported by the Overstock CEO, Patrick Byrne.

Research shows that millions of dollars have been invested into the future of RavenCoin. It is selling today for around four cents. At this price, I think it’s worth buying a bit.

All said, it’s never topped eight cents; so, I’m not sure that I’m really all that excited about it. But, you never know. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I’ve missed out on a few other buys; so, in the spirit of trading, buying a small number can’t hurt anything.

UPDATE: On logging in I was wowed by the fact that when it seemed like STEEM was slowing down, anything couldn’t be further from the truth. A next hardfork has been projected AND SMT’s are still a part of the vision, when most novices thought it was just a pipe dream that had bitten the dust.

I admit that I’m rejuvenated for positive moves forward in the near future and beyond.


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