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Just as anyone who has chosen this path would beg me to tell you, there is life after this one; and, yes, Hell is as REAL a place as Heaven. (Matthew 25:46)

Unfortunately, not believing this fact does not make it any less TRUTH.

Killing the body doesn't kill the soul.

The news of late is that U.S. soldiers are choosing self-inflicted death over life. This is not hard to understand when one ponders all they may have endured in war zones, in far off lands.

But to any and everyone who reads this post, please know suicide could never be an end-all; cure-all to life.

To preface this post, I have lost several dear friends throughout the years to this desperate act. The first experience was a high-school friend. I remember the dual emotions of sorrow and anger I felt for years thereafter. I finally had to shake the spirit of this friend from me, after several very dark dreams of his “current” existence.

I have come to accept that each person chose, in a rational or irrational moment, to be their own god. They took, what I believe was not theirs to take, contrary to what some believe.
It is my belief that GOD formed them in the belly of their mother’s womb. And since He is the Author and Finisher of all things life, it is only His Right to end what He began; how and when. (Jeremiah 1:5, Rev. 22:13)

Perhaps, in each case, the persons felt their pain, whether emotional or physical, was too unbearable to live with. Those who completed suicide were unbelievers and believers of a Higher Power.
Worth noting, those left behind never fully get over losing someone near and dear who choose suicide.

However, life has taught me that this is a personal decision; and, no amount of words, or kind deeds can prevent one, who is determined to end his or her life, from doing so.

I have talked to exhaustion, with people who were desperate to the point of wanting to end it all; usually around the holidays. Ultimately, I made a peaceful resolve in my spirit, that there are no words to keep an adult from doing what they want to do.

Also, I had to accept that, their need for help was far greater than any I could offer them, if they were beyond the ability to process thoughts of hope. And, the way out of their abyss was not the newest anti-depressant; but a closer walk with right living, as described in the Word. Thankfully, none of the persons, in their darkest moments, chose to take their lives.

Too often, people succumb to suicide as a means of relieving themselves of chronic pain, and/or from being a perceived ‘burden’ they feel they are to others.

Regarding military veterans, there should be a stringent debriefing boot-camp, which monitors and measures their mental faculties for at least six-weeks after being discharged.

Giving mood-altering medications to numb the war-time experience should be used only in the most critical cases. Anti-depressants prevent a person from processing what is destroying them on the inside.

The reason suicide is a temporary fix, is because God tells us in His Word, that our lives are eternal. And, after this life, we will either live in eternal light or eternal darkness (Luke 16:19-31).

More people might jump off bridges if there was proof that prematurely ending this earthly existence would guarantee us to sleep peacefully until Jesus comes. But, God says in His Word that He knows the plans HE has for us (Jeremiah 29:11).

Taking matters in our own hands, by deciding when “it’s over” is both amusing and arrogant. To think that God will say, it is okay that you have shown up early on the other side, and can prematurely waltz through the “Pearly Gates,” means He allows us to change HIS PLANS. That flies in the face of Jeremiah 29:11.

Not to burst your bubble; but, life is not that simple. Life is not so cut and dry, so neatly packaged, if you will. We enter into the world, in a messy blob of goo, in the most pure form we will ever be. And, we exit with our last excrement, once again messy; but this time a glob of boo.

To those who have lost loved ones to this act, I do not believe that these souls are 100% unequivocally damned to Hell because of suicide completion, as some Faiths teach. God knows we are weak vessels. He knows we are just dust, formed into clay vessels (Ecclesiastes 3:20).

He is forgiving.

People caught up in self-destruction; usually reach a split-second of insanity where rational thinking becomes so murky that the irrational overrules the ability to outweigh the rational.

If this demon has risen in your spirit, let me end by saying: Don’t take your life. GIVE your life. Rid yourself of everything that is keeping you from thinking clearly. Seek professional help for weaning off drugs that are giving you very dark thoughts.

As far as the mental tape, playing over, and over, and over, and over, in your head, of what war required of you, leave this mental video at the feet of Jesus, and know that He already knows, and He is in this with you.

And, if you need forgiveness; Just Ask. Consider it a guarantee; so says His Holy Word (Isaiah 1:18). Take up jogging or baseball, or tennis. Pretend the ball is your problem and whack it out of the park. In all seriousness, God put you here for a reason.

It is my greatest fear, that to be so bold, as to decide when to hit the exit button, may mean going back to square one, forced to relive this entire existence, starting from birth to God’s Divinely Ordained Time for this earthly departure, living an existence 10 times (or greater) more difficult than your current existence. There has to be some consequence for this bold action.

Realistically, who are we to dare “play God?” It is a far too risky and un-chartered gamble to take. If you have been strong enough to endure a war; there is no doubt in my spirit, that you are strong enough to, tough out the rest of your days.

Nothing, including bad times, last forever. Tap into your God-given gift. Are you the next Da Vinci? Are you destined to do missions work in parts of the world others are not gifted to serve? Are you a lobbyist; the voice of the under-served?

Checking out early is not really an option. It is just saying a premature farewell to the people you know; who would do just about anything, to keep you on this side. And if they are unloving; then, make it your business to sit out at the park until you find someone who cares. There ARE people who care. And they are not always therapists who are paid to care.

You might make the choice to suicide out. You might take your chances, of learning what happens to those who show up “prematurely” to the other side. Yes, there is another side.

What if you have to stay in a barren limbo of perpetual darkness for decades until your God-ordained number comes up?

There are just too many “what ifs,” involved with opting out before the game is over. In essence; isn’t that what life really is? We all start.

Read about the God-ordained wars of the Old Testament. It is not for us to determine if a war is justified. As a soldier, the role is to serve the duties put before you by the leader of the country. I think of Moses’ killing the Egyptian and in time, being used powerfully by God. (Exodus 2:12)

But, let’s get back to the semblance of life as a “game.” Aside from the rules, we are gifted to do some pre-ordered tasks as we journey.

Is that picking up cans and witnessing to lost souls? Or is it building homes for the homeless? We are put on this planet for a designated time for a designated purpose.

Quitting this game of life, as you know it today, doesn’t mean it ends.

It simply means you throw the dice into the unknown abyss, at the risk of losing whatever God’s best is for you.

Stay with us another day. Pray for a God-speak moment. Jog or walk until you get some tug in your spirit what it is He wants you to do.

I would hate to think you’re a computer tech, needing to go back to school to get certified. The world could always use someone to fix a laptop gone wrong. Let me stop here.

Just know that, suicide affects not only you; but, all those who were destined to cross your path, and be a part of your life, on this journey. Whatever your reason for throwing in the towel; as difficult as this is to say, because I know what pain feels like; give it one more go. Let this be a life-changing moment on this side.

Trust God to give you a peaceful purpose. He will. I know He will.

There is no problem so big, that He is not even bigger still.


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