Senior-Suicide Rates on Rise in the U.S.

3년 전

Wow. Most know that suicide is high amongst U.S. veterans. And, a recent post I wrote discussed how young teen women were suiciding out at an increased rate from decades ago.

All of the attention focusing on, primarily millennials and youth in general, might cause one to lose site of an alarming statistic.

It seems that joining the ranks of people choosing their own demise is the group wearing the label of senior citizen.

Senior citizen is a term that harbors a certain amount of disrespect; but, jmho. As most say, just provide the discount; and, no need to wrangle over labels.

But, yes, in all seriousness, it seems that seniors are attempting and completing suicides at an alarming rate. Most often this is due to feelings of uselessness, and the feeling that they are a burden to the family.

Most children of elders deny that their senior relatives are a burden; but, it is actions that speak louder than words.

So, that said, show a senior some love today.



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