Will the Dollar Tree be Trump’s downfall in the 2020 election?

2년 전

Okay, if you don’t know, I am a bargain shopper.

Money saved at the checkout is better spent invested in futures.

But, long story short, I couldn’t help but notice that today’s visit to the dollar store was met by a blaring increase in prices from just ten days ago when I last visited.

The dollar treats were now met with a fifty-cents or more increase.

I’m like…whaaaaaaatttttt??????

I heard that the Dollar Tree has had to rename itself, in many cases with the addition of the word PLUS trailing its name.


Don’t think people aren’t noticing these increases.

POTUS boasted about ‘401Ks; but, the little guy is looking at his daily bottom line at the checkout counter.

So, in a strange way, ultimately China may win if its goods and services which fill the Dollar Tree and commerce in general go the way of higher prices breaking voters to the point of voting for greener pastures.


Btw, his biggest competitor this week is Elizabeth Warren.

Who would be her V-P pick?

Hmmmm….Wang? Now, that would be very interesting.


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