Woods Didn’t Make Cut; But Winner Just the Same

2년 전

I tuned in to watch the British Open Golf tournament and was so disappointed to learn that I only qualified to watch the highlights.

I thought back to a time when the tellie was an even playing field; but, no longer. It seems to get the full event one has to be a member of the golf channel, whatever that is.

So, instead of enjoying the last rounds of a quality match, I saw highlights of the event which became boring, even more so after learning that Shane Lowry won by a landslide…no nail-biting finishes familiar with the likes of Phil Mickelson.

But, I’m so far off the mark on this post. It’s really about a comment made by Tiger Woods. It was poignant even if he didn’t realize it as such.

Woods said in effect that golf has never been his life. He said his life has always been his parents, mom and dad, and as an adult his children.

That’s a rare analogy in Western culture; but then, I was reminded that he has strong Thai roots from the maternal side of his lineage.

Even though Woods didn’t make the cut, he ended the conference by saying, “He just wanted to go home” to begin preparation for the next event. Of course, as a billionaire one might think of the mansion he calls home; but, even deeper is the bond connected with such, namely family.

We’d do well to keep the main things of life the main thing.

For the benefit of family before all else should be a constant goal.


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