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Greetings, Linda Splendorhub

With this photo, it gave me good memories of the time I went to the beach. I went through some bad things in my personal life and I stopped going, unfortunately. But I really want to go back....

I hope I can do that from next year.

Besides, it would be a pleasure to meet you on one of those trips.

Thank you for posting and good night!!!!


Thank you 😊

I don't Understand it. One of the Most Beautiful and Kind Women on Steemit and Nobody in 5 hours except for Casanova from Brazil has even Commented or 100% UP voted this Exceptionally Exquisite Photograph...........Am I the Last Man in America that can see the Beauty Here ???


Yeah, she is truly amazing. There is a magical bean stock on her leg. Upvoted.

That picture is a graphic poem, thank you for sharing your beauty!


That picture is a
Graphic poem, thank you for
Sharing your beauty!

                 - raul65

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Is that a magical bean stock on your leg?