Heading Down to "The Mouth"

2개월 전

Better known as "La Boca"

And the soccer HQ of Boca Juniors


I have so many pictures from this corner of Argentina, but I will only share a couple good ones. You may see another post though.

We have shopping, bars and restaurants all in view of the industrial area.


I got there as the sun was setting but the moonrise was worth it.


There are multi-colored houses which is the trademark of this working class tourist attraction.


Thanks for stopping by - Always appreciated!

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El barrio de Boca es hermoso, muy pintoresco con sus casas multicolores de paredes de hojalata. La perla del pastel es el mítico estadio de la Bombonera donde juega Boca Juniors, del cual soy hincha.

wow keep sharing more of them enjoyed that

Se ve como un sitio con muchas posibilidades, debe ser visitado por muchos fanáticos del fútbol . Es grato que compartas tus aventuras en esos lados . ¡Gracias por eso!

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Se ve un lugar muy colorido, es muy famoso ese estadio siempre lo ponen en las noticias de encuentros de futbol @sponge-bob

How beautiful is your city, thank you for the invitation, so when someday I get there, I will look for you, to be my tour guide.

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