Up the River Without a...

2개월 전

Just kidding.

We have everything - Let's go!


These guys were super excited about their first boat ride. Heading into the Delta out of Tigre.


I would assume the waters are treacherous based on the number of ships you see wrecked on the side of the canal.

People in Glass Houses


No, it is not really a glass house, but rather the 170-year-old home of Saramiento which is a museum now. (Sarmiento is on one of the bills they use for buying things here).

I wish other countries would go to such lengths to protect important places instead of letting them weather away in their place.

Popeye's Boat


I am not sure if the boats here are just that old or if they were designed based on the cartoon!

This boat is used as the delivery truck for homes and businesses up and down the river.

Seeing this, they begged.


Then my little run-rats roped me into a visit to the theme park because they saw it from the river.

All in a day of fun in Tigre

sponge bob.jpg

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That's such a smart idea for preserving a building! Just wrap it up so the weather can't even touch it. Garg, you got caught in the "see amusement park, go to amusement park to keep kids happy" trap. It happens. Hopefully you had fun! :)

That "Popeye" ship was a sandpit, designed to transport sand. In recent years it is fashionable to buy and refurbish them as pleasure boats.

Then my little rats tied me to a visit to the theme park because they saw it from the river.

Ha ha ha. Are they your children? It made me very funny like the llamas rats, in a funny way, because they are curious, but they went to the theme park.

I have an adolescent son but I will always see him as a child, he is autistic, he is very curious, I have tried to fulfill his wishes, as one day I took him to the fire department of our city.

He already had days talking about the firefighters this, the firefighters those, but one of the characteristics of people with autism, is that you should not offer something example a visit to x place, because if you say that, well you will not have peace or tranquility until you comply.

And I took it kind of surprise, that for him that was great for me more to have fulfilled that dream.

Now I'm missing another wants to know a plane inside, and I took him to see the takeoff but he wants inside.

With God's help I'll take him, when I don't know but I won't tell him anything shhhh!

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Wow so cool to experience that looks amazing

The best thing that the walk to Tigre has is, apart from being able to cross the river and get to know the beautiful houses, it is the Puerto de Frutos and the Parque de la Costa.