Which way is up?

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Convincing this guy to trust his legs was hard. When he learned it, he was proud to show off.

These pictures cost plenty.

I remembered this day fondly when I ran into dozens of photos. I was using photos to get him to actually hang there. So I had a lot of pictures of the attempts.

He did so many quick tries, hanging for a moment then back up. In the process he ended up learning how to hang upside down.


Once the monkey bars were mastered, it was straight off to the big cat section! Kids tend to run from one toy to another, learning all the way. These sprouts climb onto a bronze cat and put on their cutest face in the middle of a long day of park hopping.

I hope you can take away a fraction of the joy that I feel when I see their faces.

sponge bob.jpg

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I like big cats, more if they are bronze.

I remember with infinite affection, when Dad took me to the park. And that's how you say: We run from one game to the next without stopping. We are in the swings and when we are more fun swinging, we see the wheel spinning with speed and stop the swing, to go to the wheel, then up and down and so we spend a few good hours. Our parents buy us a delicious ice cream and give us plenty of water to hydrate us.
The truth is that these moments of our childhood are priceless, they leave a sweet taste in our memory.
Thank you for sharing and taking us back to those magical moments!

What a great photo, which is right and vice versa. The parks are great for children, develop their athletic abilities, play and share with other children. It really is a lovely experience. @sponge-bob

Que foto más genial, que esta al derecho y que al reves. Los parques son geniales para los niños, desarrollan sus capacidades atleticas, juegan y comparten con otros niños. De verdad es una experiencia encantadora

Hi @sponge-bob

For them a park is something incredible. I remember the first time I took my oldest daughter to a park. I was very happy and I was very aware, things of a first-time father.

But it's great to see how they unfold and begin to experience adventure.

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When we take the children to the park they enjoy with great joy, for them, it is a great experience that for them as for the memory and for us as parents is a great satisfaction.
The photos are spectacular. Greetings from Venezuela.

Nice photos. Chacabuco park, may be?

Soy muy feliz cuándo mis hijas sonríen. Y sobre todo cuando sus ojos brillan al mirarme. :) Quiero que siempre puedan sonreír.

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Children have the wonderful gift of achieving everything faster because they do not measure danger and are motivated by desire to immediately learn all that is unknown to them. Great photographs, your children are beautiful, God bless them. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, your readers. I embrace you fondly of Venezuela. @sponge-bob

You can see those kids really enjoyed it and that's what makes you feel satisfied as a parent.

Here in my city we don't have this kind of space: parks. The government is dedicated to maintaining them. Not long ago I stopped for something that they call the Orinoco Botanical Garden, that only the name remained, in a time it was very nice, I took my children to walk, but in the present moments, it seems that a hurricane happened and devastated all that, the dismantled facilities.
There is only one park that has managed to survive the idleness of governments, the miama community and organizations have taken charge of recovering that space.

I remember when I was a little girl there were ducks in the ponds, parrots, deer in a big fence, but nothing like that now.

But I try to take my children to where they want to know historical sites, my son wanted to know the bombs I took him, he wants to know an airplane inside, I know I will do it, but first I took him to see the takeoff of an airplane is something exciting, A day step over us and I am amazed at how close.

Thank you @spnge-bob for sharing something very much yours.