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Being neutral is one unfortunate way of life where you are neither hot nor cold, you never make decisions that are direct. But life needs one with a serious mind and actions for positive results to be achieved. Staying on the fence is a state of the indecisiveness of taking left to come down or taking right to also come down. In human nature, we see that the so-called people who stay on the fence are always confused and misdirected. So, the actual point of this post is to enable one to examine how to make solid decisions that are accompanied by a definite action without compromising or deceiving oneself.

How can we make decisions that are definite?

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis:

This has been a method for most professional bodies that enable them to make decisions for their organization. Fortunately, this can also be applied in our various endeavors in life. How would you know taking the left path is better than the right? Simple, it's by examining your questions or constraint on the Cost-Benefit analysis. This deals with comparing the total advantages with the total loss you might acquire if you take left or right. Now, you have to be on the goal of achieving a higher benefit over your cost. Therefore, weigh your advantages, are they more superior than the cost? If yes, then you can move a step, if no, hold on to more examinations.

  • Tell your self the truth:

this is one psychological factor that will enable you to take decisions that are inevitably right. Telling your self the truth is like, revealing the odds and rights you've been trying to hide from your self. Once you find yourself in a state of always trying to compromise your success at the expense of your reality, then you might not be telling your self the truth. This wouldn't make you take decisions and also even if there is an attempt to, it would definitely be a wrong decision.

  • Knowing your purpose and goal;

taking decisions are dependent on what you want to achieve. The goal or purpose for doing something is depending on the actions you are taking now. Therefore, your decisions determine your result. This shows that, for you to get your goal, decisions are meant to be made. Now for you to make decisions and a right one too, you have to put the purpose of doing that task in your mind. It should be the food for your thoughts. Ask yourself questions like:

>What was my desire result before I embarked on this task?
>Will going left or right take me to my destination?

The major point is that, let every step you make solve the reason why you embarked on such a task

In conclusion, staying on the fence keeps you on a pause, you watch how things fluctuate without you happening. This is quite depressing and confusing. There are several points that would be of help, but this is what I can offer for now. Decisions confirm our predictions and our predictions might take us our destinations. Simply never stop giving a push, it is quite effective on your goals.

Everyone has faced this aspect of the life of never knowing the decisions to make. It is impossible to never experience such a phase. But the main thing is that something definitely has to be done. Decisions.

Its @maduprecious and make a push, never stay on the fence.

Blog contributor: @maduprecious
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