Does GOD Really Exist ? | Isn't God A Creation Of Ours ? or are WE God's Creation ? |

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IS There An Existence or NOT Of What We Call God ?


In the most debated and discussed topics of the world, this one has a great rank in the list. Some people are of the opinion that God is a reality whearas some people are convinced that it has no existence. In all the religions made by humans, the presence of God has been mentioned. Let it be the Bible, Quran or the Geeta, in each of them the presence of God has been mentioned and has been described as the one who has created us, who has created Earth, animals as well as is the creator of universe. And because of all this we too have kinda approved that God is behind all these creations. Though we don't happen to find any solid evidence that God really exists but the way we've been learning thing along with our age the thought of Gods have got cemented in our minds and we think that they really do exist.

But My Question is that, does God really a reality ?

Well here's what I think -

We all have divided ourselves into a number of religions and have used our creativity and shaped out what we call God as we can see it in different religions, Ishwar for Hindus, God for Christians, Allah for Islamic followers. So we can see for the same thing we are seeing that we call it differently in different religions which is giving birth to another question which is that - DID GOD CREATED US OR IS IT US WHO CREATED GOD ? Interesting right ? But yeah, it's a fact!
But if God Created us then who created GOD and if we created GOD then who is our CREATOR ?

That's a fair amount of confusion !

  • We have been worshiping the idols in various religious places such as temples, churchs, mosques but at the same time we say that God is within ourselves. So why do we keep on searching for something which exists inside us ?

  • We say we all are children of God, so why god has not met it's kids, why god has not given equal levels of IQ and intelligence to everyone. So, it won't be wrong if I say that "God has discriminated among his/her own kids", isn't it ?

  • Do we really need such a God who just keeps on helplessly witnessing everything including the crulity and all the negatives of the society and is not able to bring a change ?

  • Did we thought of a God which has powers to do a lot but is not able to do anything in reality.
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Then why do we need such a god and why do I recognize something like that as GOD which is so helpless as my prayers aren't gonna bring any change the actions in what we call god ?

  • From a very long time people have been fighting among themselves with a kinda groupism with respect to their religions and it can be said that people will keep on fighting ahead as well. So would it be wrong to say that, The places where people are more serious for religions, the more violence and conflicts are present over there ?

  • Why do not we understand a fact that why are we fighting with someone that has a real life existence for something which doesn't have a real life figure or a thing which is fictional as we still do not know anything about it's existence with solid proofs.

  • Whenever I see people fighting with each other on the basis religion, I think that is god really there as they are so confidently fighting but if god is there then why doesn't he/she stops all this nuisance ?

Well if we even assume that God is present and is creator of everything we see around us the who created god itself ?

Now let's have a look what SCIENCE has to say about God ;)


Well science is all about proves based upon evidences and systematic knowledge. Science only acknowledges the facts which can be proved. Today whatever we are, we are just because of the scientific developments we have made. All the inventions, medical advancements, knowing the unknown everything we've achieved with science. Science has been in continuous hunt of unearthing the stuff we are unaware of and is giving efforts towards making our lives even better.

If we have a look at science, it says that this universe has been made by itself and didn't require any outside involvement. The most widely accepted reason is the BIG BANG theory for the creation of this universe.

People often question science that it has not been able to answer to all the secrets or clarify everything we've come across. So does that mean that God really is present and is the mastermind of all those things ?

NO !

Being unable to answer some question doesn't mean that god is present but it means that we are not yet mature enough to answer the question and we still need some more time. Just like it has happened in the past, we did made discoveries which were considered as jokes or termed impossible.

In mythological fields we obey things which don't happen to have any proves along with it but in the case of science we agree to the facts which have been proved with suitable arguments and experiments.

Till date we've not been able to answer is God present or who created the universe. But we've been able to define what deems to be more important the one who is behind the creations or those who are behind continuously developing it and making new achievements and gaining new milestones.

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God is the witness of your mind.

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