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Hey Guys,
I Hope You All are doing well,

Well we all are living our lives in a way where we are giving quite less of each other while we stay focused on stuff that we think are gonna give us good returns in future. But we kinda try to avoid stuff that we come along the way or just give it unwanted and forced efforts. The stuff I'm taking about are the moments of happiness, the moments we might never get in future, the magical moments that are never gonna happen again or at least the same that they could have had.


Once we have come past all these stuff, and finally reach or even if we failed to be where we wanted to be, a very deep feeling takes birth within ourselves, coping up with which is just next to impossible and that feeling is also known as REGRET.

Whenever we realize that something has gone far enough and can't be brought back, then we feel guilty and often question our own selves, that why did I neglected that situation when it was in control and could have been shaped the other way. The only thing that you're finally left with is regret.

This feeling can turn out to be very harmful and it is persistent in nature and the person self blames himself/herself and feels very low in the process. The person is truly unable to figure the situation out and just loses concentration and feels bad all the time.

The best thing a person should maintain in order to make sure he/she never faces any regrets in future is simply living each moment in life with full enjoyment and living even the smallest moments with great vigour. Definitely this is gonna help the person to stay mentally happy in the present and would also make sure nothing like regrets exist in his/life.

The best bet is simply to live your life the way it comes and living up to each and every moment without avoiding it as we are not aware when an opportunity strikes or when a moment may happen which is once in a life time moment.

Guys, We have limited time and in this limited time too if we avoid stuff and hurt our ownself, it looks quite odd, so live your life in the best way and shape it so you never have to think you're guilty for something in the future :)


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